Hi from Oz


Hi…not sure how many members you have from Australia, but here’s another one…I’m a teacher of mathematics, in the twilight of my career. I don’t particularly like labels such as ‘liberal’, ‘con’, etc…I find I have views on different issues which would span the political spectrum. For example, I am an atheist, which many would associate with a ‘leftish’ stance, but I also have very traditional views about parenting and education…Looking forward to interesting discussions…


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I am an atheist
[/quote]Not taking a poke at you, and in fact I would extend a hand of good faith welcome, but it might be wise to recognize that most on this board are religious.

Not suggesting this board is an echo chamber or that your views on religion are not valid topics for debate, but if you choose to bring up atheist versus religious topics, just be prepared for some substantial, and sometimes emotional and abrasive, responses. Just a caution, not meant to be uncivil in tone.

On a better note, I am (was) a teacher, high school math, physics, chemistry, and biology . . . and we have several other teachers here, most notably a gal whose screen name is ClassicalTeacher, and she has had by far more experience in the biz than the rest of us in that group.

She is still active in that vocation, I am not. Her views are certainly more current than mine. Additionally, she has experience in both private and public education, whereas my teaching experience was only with public schools, so her views are more comprehensive.

Welcome, again.


BobJam: Thank you for the sweet words!

Biggles53: Welcome to the forum! As BobJam indicated, there are many Christians and other believers in this forum. There is a thread somewhere here (a poll, actually) that asks each member their religion or belief system. If you can find it, it might give you a better idea of the diverse belief systems here. There are several (maybe more, I’m not sure) atheists or at least agnostics here as well. For the most part, we discuss religion or non-religion respectfully. But, there have been heated words in the past. Like most populations, belief or the lack of it entices strong emotions. However, I have to say that, for the most part, the discussions have been civil and respectful. For the record, I am a practicing Catholic. (Uh-oh…did I just put my foot in my mouth???) :dramaqueen: Again, welcome!


Hi and welcome! I used to be kinda-sorta where you describe being at. I’ve long been conservative (with a bit of libertarian for flavor); I used to be an atheistic-leaning agnostic, and now consider myself Christian (I hope God does, too).



I know we have at least one other member from Oz, Perth, I think. She only looks in occasionally.

You may find a lot of the nutsy-boltsy (very nutsy!) threads arcane - unfamiliar people and US-specific laws and issues. We do have quite a few threads that deal with more universal human stuff as well. We have quite a few Christians here - some practicing, a few maybe out of practice - though there is quite a bit of variety among Christians, religiously and politically.

Anyway, welcome! Dig in and find something that interests you.


Welcome to RO!