Hi from Oz


Stumbled over this site and thought I could be of assistance to those who are to far to the right.:grin:


Oh Lord, another one.
We on the far right, are just fine. Mission Accomplished.
Have a nice day.


That reply in itself does not indicate that anything has been accomplished. Tell me you aren’t xenophobic or biased? I perish the thought.


You seem to be almost as effective in your mission here as your namesake was as PM - not very. Condescension such as expressed in this post tends to be self-sabotaging.




Oh, yeah, I am the typical redneck white elderly curmudgeon you have heard so much about, on DU. I attend KKK meetings ,and torture little kitties at night. I sleep with my AK-47 in my hands, and beat people over the head with my Bible. I hate everybody, so I am not a bigot. I have voodoo rituals where I stick pins in my Obama doll. I pray to the Goddess of Wall Street, and support every serial killers right to bear arms. And, yes, I want to throw granny off the cliff.
Satisfied. Now go away.


Wait a minute, I do all of that also…

Are you peeking in on me?


Xenophobes of a feather…:howler:


You ever notice how normal ways of thought are phobias to liberals?


Oh yeah.
The only phobia I have, is politicophobia, fear of politicians. I think I may have a touch of coulrophobia, since the clowns in Washington make me sick to my stomach. Probably caused by politicians with ergophobia(work). Maybe it is because of their kleptophobia(stealing), or their Thoephobia(God), but I am sure that their gamophobia(commitment) keeps them in a state of achievemephobia(success).
Well, I hope they can conquer their panophobia(everything). At least, they need to shed their chronophobia(future), or they’ll likely end up phobophobia(fear), or their chronophobia(future), may take the shape of Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia(long words), And they won’t be able to call us names.:howler:


I think I’m developing a case of logophobia …


After the election I’ll lose my Trump logos.


Don’t keep demonstrating political ignorance. You know nothing about what took place then. Your animosity is based on your extreme right wing politics and xenophobia but I can live with that.


Not that I did the deed, but you can live with it elsewhere…


This was in the Moderation queue, so I Approved it to let RO-folk wish gw a fond Good Riddance. I think Dn said he banned gw for Incompetence In Trolling.


Terry, no problem. My post was an allusion to the plethora of coined words in Tiny’s great post. Logos means “word” in Greek (and, of course, phobia is from the Greek word meaning “fear”).


Ahh, I see.


Remember we rednecks are good for industry

Wood and nails to build crosses lumber
White Sheets, Confederate flag-textile
Ammo- weapons
Gas- automotive
Leaflets and pamphlets- Paper

Yep we rednecks help the economy/sarcasm


Looks like another liberal found out the only thing they taught us was their stupidity.


BTW, gw, if you chance to see this, clean up your own backyard before criticizing your neighbors’ landscaping. Maybe start with how you all have been treating Oz’ Aboriginal Peoples for the past couple of centuries!