Hi, I am a new member here…

(Link to personal blog deleted by PeteS)

On another note, I am hoping to have some good discussions here!


If you’re just here to spam your blog, you’ll be shown the exit in short order…posting a link to your blog in your first post doesn’t look like you intend to be a contubuting member.

If my suspicions are unfounded, then I apologize, and welcome you, but we do see an awful lot of that around here.


nightlife, please read (or re-read) Guide to Surviving RO. Note particularly:

  1. Self promotion If on your first post you are posting links to your site, it will be deleted. Spend some time posting useful material and then promote your site. After ten posts you can have a live link. By doing this you’ll find that more people will be interested in what you’re spamming than if you just say hey check my site out.


Spammers should be flogged in public. Thank you, PeteS.


Apparently, he was a sleeper. I screen the incoming registrations for spammers, and I hadn’t remembered approving that name. Apparently I had, but it was two years ago.


Soviet spy!!!


I reckon we haven’t met yet, but I like you! :wink:


HA! That makes one of you! :angel:


Okay, I see it wasn’t a sleeper; it was a thread bumped from 2012.