Hi there. I now live in Northern NY State, although I immgrated from Great Britain 3 1/2 yers ago. I have learnt a great deal about US politics over that time, and definately allign myself with the Repulican and Tea Party movements. I have joined this site to chat to like-minded folk and learn more.:wave:

Welcome, enjoy the site. Be sure to fill out the Survey, under your post count in your post headers.

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Welcome to RO, the best posting board on the web, you’ll love it here.



Welcome to RO!

Nice name, the famous queen of the Celts who watched her two daughters raped by Roman Legionaires turning her into an absolute fury against Roman control of the Britannia. Welcome aboard.

I used to live in Britain (near Cardiff). Welcome to the boards!


Please be sure to read our Guide to Surviving RO. The questions are to help us start to get to know you in a sometimes fun way. Besides, we’re a nosy bunch.