Highland Park Shooter "Avid Trump Fanatic" "Awake The Rapper"

Highland Park shooter also Aka “Awake The Rapper”… Qanon themed pro trump rapper reponseable for anti-Semitic shooting on 4th in Jewish Suburb.

(from article)

? He was 22. And this is the law in Illinois.



thats retarded

I think the Biden Administration should make a generic video for Joe so he is not overly stressed by events like Buffalo, Uvalde,San Antonio and Highland Park. He says the same stuff after every disaster or deflected them entirely.
And the cartel running migrants over the border at San Antonio are “avid” BIDEN supporters. Liberal media do some deflecting themselves,

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This was informative and thoughtful. It truly expanded the debate, and in was no way rhetorical nonsense.

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At this point I’m feeling the need to say I posted that ironically with the :grimacing: emoji to show how poorly it aged. Excessively armed citizens quite literally ruined 4th of July celebrations by way of yet another mass shooting.

Hey, in light of this and all the other shootings that happen daily, do you guys feel safe? I’m actually kind of scared to eventually go back to America, but there’s also some guilt for feeling that. The utter randomness and chaos of it is concerning, and it seems like no matter where you are or what you are doing, you could get mowed down before you even know what’s happening.

Friend,the truth of the matter is that the cartel thugs MUST be fans of Joe Biden, as his policies are so conducive to cross border contraband movement.
Second point is that Donald Trump is not responsible for fostering young white male hero worship. Their personal past was brutal,their present pointless and the future hopeless,
A similar situation has been that of Radical Jihadists. The psychology is parallel. I am thankful that munitions are not readily available here as in Somalia, for example. America’s homicidal/suicidal young would be manufacturing I.E,D.s and truck bombs. And that may be next…

And yet, you wouldn’t have the freedom to post it if it weren’t for those private citizens with guns. I might care about optics to a point, but if it comes down to a choice between optics and truth, screw optics.

I won’t bet against it…