HildaBeast: Rock and a Hard Place


Hilda, Obama, Bernie are all talking. Bernie did well, in fact EXTREMELY well, so well in fact that he is a power player at the upcoming convention and. Had Clinton NOT bought off $$$ her super reps she might not have won.

SO what makes life hard? This is gonna change her plans of her VP pick as now she has to placate Bernie and his followers. Bernie is gonna make her socialist roots show is my bet and she is going to need to dig deep to make him happy.


Bernie wants ‘Eliz Warren’

MooShell Obama

I don’t see a white man in the cards, don’t know or think a doubled bill with 2 women would sell, but then the libs would go love-crazy with MooShell on the ticket, Liz Warren has low name recognition I think (???) and do we need a black man twice? I am calling it a Latino and a top pick would be our former Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro/lawyer/Harvard/EXTREME LEFT…