Hillary Chose Tim Kaine!


As a Virginian, I can’t see where this will make her ticket more attractive. Personally, I hope this will keep him out of the local news more.


Yeah, honestly this is the opposite of what I think Clinton should have done. Kaine is a moderate, and Clinton’s hemorrhaging votes from the Left. I don’t know why she’d select someone more conservative than she is. Trump’s “bland dude” pick makes sense, as people see Trump as a loose cannon. With Clinton… I just don’t see a strong benefit to this. It’s not some terrible pick, but it doesn’t seem to do anything useful.

Wow, this is gonna be fun

Kaine, by contrast, is setting himself up as a figure willing to do battle with the progressive wing of the party. He has championed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that both Sanders and Warren oppose, and he is now publicly siding with bank deregulation advocates at the height of Clinton’s veepstakes.
Looks like she’s decided to court the George W. Bush Republicans, instead of her own base.


Mike Pence, I think, will beat this guy raw.


Tim Kaine on the Issues

Tim Kaine on the Issues

Final analysis: Liberal LEFT. Far out there.

I was WRONG I was willing to bet $ that she would pick a minority and probably pick Julian Castro. Having said that why Tim Kaine, a low level non boat rocker far left liberal with low recognition nationwide.

IMO she was TOLD to pick him. Due to his low exposure to the American people he has good potential for POTUS role in 2020 and have the VP slot under his belt will give him good creds. But he like Klinton and most is in the pocket of those with the money. So the inside elite is looking for a good pick in 2020. HildaBeast is bought and paid for!


A couple months ago, Tim was TRYING to get 10,000 Syrian refugees located here in Virginia. He announced this himself. Considering the rampant crime being caused by these monsters in Europe, what type of idiot would WISH to import crime into their own state? Answer…a ******* moron!


Anyone willing and ‘proud’ to run with a Proven liar and traitor has no self worth or for that matter … any worth at all!

BTW: He’s getting “smoked” on his Facebook page!:popc1:


She picked him because her first choice (Karl Marx) was dead.


Now,interestingly, Fox news mentioned that the Former Secretary of State sent out a questionnaire to all the likely candidates for her VP nominee. It seems that The Weasel received $200,000 in gifts that he was willing to admit to during his time as Senator of the great state of Virginia. Well, now, as a fellow Senator, I want to get in on some of THAT! But it does seem to disqualify one ,doesn’t it??? Or maybe the other VP choices had such a bad rap sheet that The Weasel was the lesser of many evils?
I am about to launch a Fact Finding,Senatorial Level investigation on allegations against this alleged politician and will report to the Intelligentsia on this site in the near future.

Senator Fillibuster Foghorn


I was just wondering…
Is being picked as a democrat candidate for VP similar to those pyramid companies? You know he becomes VP then President & Hillary gets 10% of all of the money he gets for selling favors forever?


We knew she was gonna pick some socialist… We got her number.


Obama’s face falls into an exasperated frown as he watches a sunglass-clad Diamond Joe speed off outside in a red ferrari.

“All the royalties that could’ve been,” he sighs into coffee.


To be frank, this was a surprise pick because , if I recall, Kaine has never been very complimentary about Hillary, actually downright nasty.


We knew she was gonna pick some socialist… We got her number.
She was bound to pick someone from her party so yes, someone socialist. (wink)


When Kaine’s left eyebrow goes up, he’s spewing BS. Notice that whenever he’s talking, that left eyebrow stays up. Just one of my observations…