Hillary Clinton and the UFO Disclosure Question

The buzz about the possible second Clinton presidency has reached the UFO circles. What are these conspiracy kooks blabbering about now?
They say that if elected President of the United States, Hillary Clinton will likely continue her husband’s efforts to gain access to the classified UFO files, and to finally disclose what the government knows about the issue.

[COLOR=#888888]Will Hillary Clinton finally reveal the truth about the UFO issue?

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Could Hillary Clinton Be the Disclosure President?

Admitedly, commitment to transparency is not one of Clinton’s many impressive attributes.
While she possesses both professional competency and personal charisma needed for a leader, she strikes me as someone who will always protect the interests of the powers that be over those of the people.
The UFO disclosure is not in the interests of the American government (as an entity run by various clandestine interest groups), and I don’t see Hillary as a rebel with a cause, sorry.
I also don’t see her as someone who personifies the ideas of world peace and environmentalism (and no, these are not hippie code words for “I hate America”). As the US senator and the former Secretary of State, she proved to be just another warmonger, like the rest of them.

Hillary Clinton and the UFO Disclosure Question

Polls so many polls. Is Hillary an alien?


They don’t have the right reason for voting or not voting for Hillary. I can’t think of even one single reason to vote for her.

I posted this thread mainly because I was reading about all the different polls that we have seen telling us how the candidates were doing. Bearing the fact that polls can be skewed many ways I thought of poking a little fun at this.

Meanwhile I had been reading about Jesse Ventura on another site and a suggested run for president and I thought of the show he used to host about conspiracy theories which led to a poll about Hillary and to my surprise the alien hunters even had a poll on her. :rofl:

As an afterthought while researching for Jesse’s show and looking for the picture of the wild haired host of “In Search of Aliens” there was information of those “experts” who blab on about aliens from Jesus Christ on. Their favorite sayings seem to be according to alien theorists this or that is thought.

Maybe the aliens will come and take her and her followers away . . .

[quote=“Susanna, post:4, topic:48372”]
Maybe the aliens will come and take her and her followers away . . .

I don’t know what they would want with them, though. Maybe put them in a zoo?