Hillary Clinton calls all Trump supporters deplorable haters and racists ...


Hillary Clinton calls all Trump supporters deplorable haters and racists on Israeli TV

The ‘tinny’ audio is a little hard on the ears but with this woman, every time she speaks … it is always a challenge! 8)


And out of the other side of her mouth she says that she is going to bring us all together and restore national unity. :hippy:

This woman could not identify the truth if it kicked her in the shins. :Thud:


Honestly I kind of see how she would say that. It’s a liberal mindset that many if not most liberals have. Somehow it’s the ability to never self examine yourself or your motives while at the same time demonizing the people that oppose you. I guess that in my mind I see it as kind of a religious fanaticism where you either agree with me or your the devil. (And yes I see liberalism as a religion). It’s based partly on you being evil & partly on elevating me (themselves) as compared to you. In practice it translates into “I know what’s best for everyone” & “If it hurts some people they should be happy about it because it’s for the common good”. That’s why so many of their policies hurt those that they are trying to help. It’s not that they want to hurt people, it’s just that they believe in the greater good (& of course they don’t seem to understand basic math). It’s like the argument about raising the minimum wage. No matter what argument is thrown at them liberals will always come back with “yes but they will make more money”. Making more money isn’t the answer if your money loses buying power.
True story (I swear). I once got into a discussion with a liberal about the size of government. Near the hair pulling out sage & trying to figure out why I couldn’t get my point across to him I used this example: If what you say is right then logically every working person in the country could work for the government, is that correct? He said yes (WTF?)!!! So where does the money come from to pay all of those government employees? From taxes. Well if you do that…Your paying them 100% of their pay but only getting back 20% in taxes, how does that work? **Well you just have to raise taxes higher. ** But…but to do that you would have to raise taxes to at least 100% of their pay, right? **No because you get taxes in other ways like charging taxes when people buy stuff. ** What are they going to buy if everyone works for the government? Well that’s dumb because there’s always stuff to buy? That’s when I walked away. OMG!


Hitlery and most of her supporters come from or come from parents that met ME as I stepped off that plane on a very cold rainy night in SEATAC airport in Nov 1968. While this young soldier did not know who or why I soon came to learn.

Their idea of protesting the war in Vietnam was to come into my ROTC building and take a crap on the desks and pizz in our in boxes (NOT kidding), their idea to achieve peace was to loot and burn, destroy, their idea of love was hate and here we are 50 years later and NOTHING has changed in the views. Her views are her views 50 years ago.


There is an actual mental state called “projection”. Basically it is when you project bad things that you do on others. You do them but can’t see that they are bad. But you look at others & see them doing them even if they aren’t. There’s a lot of that in liberalism. The one that I LOVE is that conservatives hate the poor. They want to get rid of welfare because they hate the poor (& only want to use them, of course). Well in 3 minutes you can look up how many registered democrats there are & how many registered republicans there are. (22 million more democrats last time I looked). Then you look up which party gives the most to charities by political party. In 9 out of 10 years Republicans generally give more even though there are 22 million MORE democrats. Can people fathom how much less democrats have to give per person to give less when there are 22 million more of them? Total crap to believe yet nobody really points it out. I find that interesting.
I think way to often republicans let democrats get by with just out & out lies about them because they “assume” that people understand that they are lies. Here’s a clue, people are stupid & will believe what they are told UNLESS they are also told something else.


Perhaps this will bring some of the never trumpers around.


I’m a “never Trumper” and a “never Hillary-er”. How do you work that?


Susanna I totally get your point. Trump isn’t my ideal candidate either. I’d love another Reagan to come along but I don’t see one & may not see one in my lifetime. Now maybe you did or didn’t like Reagan so you pick your ideal candidate & keep him in mind. Let’s say that your ideal candidate is elected in 4 or 8 years. Here’s my question…Could he really do the things that you would want him to if social programs have been expanded to the extent that the tax payers of America are by then paying 40 to 60 percent of everything they make just to keep those programs going?
Well I already worry about the next president being able to fix the mess our country is in & Hillary clearly wants to expand it. (like raising taxes on the few businesses we have left). Do we want that same tax structure as western Europe that is needed to keep socialism afloat? That’s why I’m voting for Trump. The man isn’t all that important but the aim of the party IS.


Actually, the integrity of the candidate matters; and Trump is in the gutter with Hillary.


FC, Trump cannot sink that low, Hilda and Bill are the scrapings off the bottom, if Hilda sat on a cigarette paper her legs would dangle, Trump is not there at least yet…


Most of them are hopeless. They can not get it through their heads that if Trump loses this is the absolute last meaningful election for America.

After eight years of Hillary (or a high tech hologram facsimile of her) there will be tens of millions of new democrat voters:

  1. All of the illegals will have amnesty and be voting citizens by then.

  2. All of the Central American refugees will be voting citizens by then.

  3. All of the Syrian refugees will be voting citizens by then.

  4. Millions more Americans will be totally dependent on the federal dole for their survival.

They are and will continue to relocate most of these refugees in red states. The relocation sites are being kept as quiet and secret as possible. State governors are being kept out of the loop. Do the math! Allowing Hillary to win by not supporting Trump is not an act of righteous conscience it is aiding and abetting national suicide.

PS I almost forgot, in addition to the millions of new democrat voters enumerated above consider the tens of millions of conservative voters who will be pushing up daisies in 4 to 8 years from now and are going to be replaced in the voting rolls by skulls full of mush fresh from their free government brainwashing.


Most of them are hopeless. They can not get it through their heads that if Trump loses this is the absolute last meaningful election for America.
Honestly that’s exactly the way I look at it. Just 1 big or a couple of small new socialist programs & we will have to start down the road of socialism because of higher taxes. And even if I’m wrong Hillary is planning on increasing taxes on businesses. How many more will have to leave here to survive, taking the jobs with them?


The “never Trump” people are throwing in the towel on the country. They don’t even want to take a chance on saving it. With court system completely in the power of Hillary, and the Congress powerless, the game will be over.


If Trump is elected and FAILS at everything EXCEPT the illegal immigration and refugee crisis there will at least be a chance to elect someone else in 2020. It is his signature issue. These people (the nevertrumpers) flippantly say he won’t do it or can’t do it like they have some (explitive deleted by OD) crystal ball or they don’t like his policy on the gender confused or he insulted Ted’s wife or he gave money to Pelosi or Clinton therefore he is a fraud and everything out of his mouth must be a lie. Yeah right, hang your hat on that versus the future of the country. Of course he is capable of deceit just like everyone. Consider the fact that the man campaigned for the nomination for months with an unfiltered link from his brain to his mouth. Of course there are contradictions which are easy for his detractors to cherry pick. No other politician on earth does this. Most of them weigh every word in carefully crafted phrases and still manage to contradict themselves. You may loath his personality but regardless of his faults, the man reeks of sincerity.


There were already rumblings even if Trump wins, Cruz would challenge him in the next primary.

I have said this before, in Canada we have three main parties and it is always the same, vote splitting. Therefore, a vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for Clinton, and vice versa. So, unfortunately; at a time when the best possible leader is needed, you have two candidates with really high negatives and you are going to have to make your choice accordingly Many will put forward their protest vote which is their right, I respect it, but one must know what it represents. Democracy isn’t perfect.

My gut instinct is that neither will be as bad/imperfect as they appear, but who knows? Whoever wins better be one hell of a great president or the next one will be much further right or left.


I can’t agree with, “your gut.” Hillary has taken millions of dollars from foreign governments and corporations. She has destroyed evidence that the courts have asked her to supply. In short she has done more than Nixon did when he was president, she has been defiant, and she has lied repeatedly. When in you gut can you think that she could possibly be even an average president? I see nothing that but greed, dishonesty, arrogance and incompetence.

My brain tells me that she is an unmitigated disaster in the making.


Illegals do not require amnesty to vote, they have millions of children who are born citizens and in less than 2 decades they vote Democrat at a ratio of 75%

This has been a tsunami since the Reagan amnesty, getting the actual illegal who first crossed made into a legal voter is a minimal concern for the Left; time flies when you play the long game and Democrats ALWAYS play the long game. They get them on the dole immediately when they get here and that works its magic and creates households that vote for Democrats permanently.

It is the Republicans who refuse to formulate a long term plan, they view every weekly poll as worthy of great concern and every election is the “last chance for America”.

Republicans refuse to act on their agenda when they gain power because they are afraid of the short term consequences, Democrats are willing to sacrifice their seats in the short term to establish long term gains that will strengthen their position by creating government dependency in the long run.

How many Democrats fell on their sword to get ObamaCare? Enough to turn both houses of Congress over to the GOP.

How many Republicans have fallen on their sword to reign in Obama’s agenda with the power of the purse or abolish a single destructive element in government? Not even enough to stop a single agenda item or eradicate a single bureaucracy.

The GOP acts like the fast food generation who refuses to look any further down the road than the end of their nose, in November the 4 year clock will start on getting organized so we don’t end up with another worthless candidate in 2020 but absolutely nothing will even be thought about until the Primary season starts in 2019; which will be far too late to accomplish anything worthwhile.

But the mantra will be “This is the choice! And the future depends on THIS ELECTION! We MUST support our Liberal over their Liberal or America is DOOMED!”

Just like our threads on this site will prove was the mantra in 2008, 2012 and now 2016.

Those who play the long game always beat those who play the short game, always.


We’ve got Trump vs. Hillary. Explain to me how this could possibly be a meaningful presidential election.


Have either of you gentlemen ever played bridge? If you have you know that getting a hand with a high card count of 20 or more or a hand with eight or more cards in the same suit is a lot of fun. It means that if you play your cards right, you will get a nice score.

BUT most of the time, you don’t get those hands. You get something less.

When you get the less than perfect hands you do as much as you can with what you have. If you are good player, you might be able to use those less than perfect hands to work to your advantage so that you will be able to survive in the game when you do get the good hand. Not so good players lose their concentration. Really bad players, throw the cards down and resign.

Presidential politics is the same way. I know you both dislike Trump and “can’t see a dime’s worth of difference” between Trump and Hillary. George Wallace said the same thing about Nixon and Humphrey in 1968.

So you throw your cards down, and what do you get? In 2008 and 2012 you had McCain and Romney respectively, which were bad choices your opinion. In their place you got Obama, which up until now, has been the worst choice.

Now you have Trump and both of you think that he’s the pits. But what is Hillary? I’d say something worse than Trump and even Obama because she’s just as radical left, and in addition to that she’s a liar and a politician who is for sale to highest bidder. On top of that she has proven that she does care one bit about national security or the lives of the people who work with us and protect us. In short she’s not worth a damn to put it plain English.

Yet you are going to throw your hand down, do nothing and help elect Hillary Clinton president.

I know that your minds cannot be changed. You have gone so far right that you can’t function within the political system any longer.

Maybe you need to resurrect Pat Buchanan. He’d have no chance, but at least you would be true to yourselves by supporting him. That sure doesn’t apply to Gary Johnson or Hillary Clinton. They are both politically correct progressives.

But for those us who can still function in the political system, we are playing our cards as best as we can.


**We’ve got Trump vs. Hillary. Explain to me how this could possibly be a meaningful presidential election. **
Interesting question if that qualifies as a question. There have probably been 10 different topics that have posts that covered why to vote for Trump with everybody that’s going to spouting why they are. I know that I’m posted my feelings 4 or 5 times. Either you see those answers as valid or not. I have to assume that you don’t if you post that. So to me there is nothing that anyone can say that will sway you so why keep asking?
Me I’ll vote for the party. If nothing else I worry about appointments to the supreme court. I figure that a couple of conservative justices just “might” have pointed out that Obamacare wasn’t “just” a tax but a program so that it couldn’t have been pushed through the way it was. And my GUESS is that Trump won’t do the search for replacement judges himself but it will be done by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. So we just might get a conservative one.