Hillary Clinton in talks with Columbia University to take on professor role


What’s that old adage… those that can’t do… no offense to our teachers.


I would have to wonder WTH she would teach…how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

She is a tormented woman who sold her soul many, many years ago and will rot in hell. Bill despises her, they have not lived together in years, he lives in his penthouse apt atop his library in Little Rock and she just sorta floats in life, rudderless, aimless wandering the forest of despair as an old tired and worn out hag. Difference between her and a bag lady living on the streets…the bag lady has some class.


I wonder how much Columbia would pay her? In the old days she used to get over $500 grand for one speech plus expenses, like first class travel and hotels. In an act of generosity, she waived her usual fee to give her acceptance speech to the Democrats after she won the nomination.

I could see her showing up for a guest lecture as a former public official. If she is teaching a class I’d be ticked if my kid took it. Listening to her would be a waste of time over a semester.

How much does she know about foreign affairs? Not much given her sorry performance as secretary of state. She could give a course in personal fund raising or perhaps take the “Boss Tweed Chair” in the study of public administration. She has certainly had a lot of first hand experience with corruption in government.


IF you believe like I do and there is a LOT of evidence to back up my belief…you only really learn thru what is called an ‘Ah-Ha’ experience. Ah-Ha, generally comes from doing it wrong and discovering how to do it right. That said it may ONLY apply to me, because I truly have a lifetime of doing things wrong and then figuring out how to do it right.

To that end, HildaBeast could title her course: How to do everything in life WRONG all the time.


She has not done everything wrong. She married Bill who became the source of her power. Had she not married him, she would have been one more run of the mill female lawyer perhaps chasing ambulances. She would have never been elected to the Senate, appointed secretary of state or the first female presidential nominee of a major political party. if she had not been associated with him. Bill Clinton was Hillary’s power station.


Every job she has ever had, has ended in failure, her stint at SecState was a disaster and Benghazi is WRONG no matter how you spell it!


JUST what we need. One more far-left loon filling our kids’ heads full of BS. If my daughter decided to take one of her courses, I’d cut her off for good.


She probably won’t be any worse that the rest of the loons that teach there. In fact she might be too right wing for them because she believes in getting rich.

Maybe she could teach a course of setting up a foundations that benefit those who run them more than those who are supposed to collect benefits from them. She has a PhD in that subject.


The article states that this is a return to academia for her, so I looked up what she taught in the past:

At [School of Law at the University of Arkansas], Rodham taught classes in criminal law, where she was considered to be a rigorous teacher who was tough with her grades.[75] She became the first director of a new legal aid clinic at the school, where she secured support from the local bar association and gained federal funding.[76]


It really doesn’t matter what kind of law teacher Hillary Clinton is. You can’t get around the fact that she has no ethics whatsoever. If she and Bill could have been happy with a net worth of say $20 or $30 million from their books and such, she could have been president. But she needs a net worth of over $100 million and counting. The only way she’s been able to get that has been through her foundation and the sale of influence. In the end that and her arrogance was what really sank her.
“Why aren’t I 50 points ahead you might ask?” You just answered your own question.