Hillary Clinton: ‘President Obama and I’ restored America’s relationship with Europe


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a major foreign policy speech to the Brookings Institution yesterday, highlighting her record of diplomacy with Europe

“I must begin by being very frank,” Clinton said. “When President Obama and I came into office, this relationship was frayed.”

She added, “From day one, President Obama and I made clear that if we were going to make progress, we had to do the hard work of renewing and reinvigorating our partnerships around the world, and that began with Europe.”

Hillary Clinton:

From what I gather most nations think the Obama adminstration is a joke which is easily ignored or manipulated.


We live in Europe part of the year (more my wife than myself), she just got back and will head back over in Jan.

Yea they like bammy, think he is a loser, but has diminished America so much that they are rejoicing because they are watching us fall from the lofty heights we have held since WWII. Billary, one of the worst SecState we have ever had, does nothing except write some check from time to time, no results produces nothing other than epic failure. Tried to take credit for the cease fire last week but Egypt Morssi blew her off and away. She is a pathetic loser who rode the coat tails of Slick Willy, her resume is almost as LIGHT at bammy’s. Typical liberal incompetence…