Hillary Clinton - The Perfect Democrat Nominee For POTUS In 2016


We have a corrupt government along with a majority of the electorate who don’t give a damn. But I digress. And, yes, I’ll be VERY brief.

Never in my life have I witnessed a Sec Of State travel so much, have meetings around the world so often with so many and have an enterage so massive yet accomplish nothing of value. On the contrary, many parts of the world - most notably the Middle East - is in shambles, with Israel becoming more isolated by the day as thug regimes surface all around her. Instability in the region has multiplied exponentially during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at “State” and her boss’s tenure in the White House.

Can someone - anyone - point out to me what positive outcome she can be credited with in her current position? I can’t think of a single thing. I suppose if I were pressed I could give her credit for hunkering down and looking too busy to allow herself to answer for her inept/incompetent/catastrophic mishandling of the debacle in Benghazi - pre, during and post attack.

Based not on performance, but on her intentions (seemingly, intentions are what libs are judged by) she is qualified to be the Democrat frontrunner for '16. Based on performance she isn’t qualified to scrub toilets!!


She will face an Extremist Liberal challenger from the GOP who will cower at every accusation from her campaign and who will be so busy trying to figure what “Conservative” talk sounds like to glean support from his own base that no time will exist to actually run against Hillary.


or we can run a fringer


Albeit I think you are a bit soft on her…I am not sure she can gather the steam to win for several reasons:

  1. Her challenger WILL BE (UNLESS he REALLY screws up) Julian Castro, current Mayor of San Antonio, a Mexican

  2. I for see the chickens coming to roost in the LibTard nest…Billary is a woman, sure, but in todays world, that is NOT enough, she has a MAJOR strike against her. She is WHITE!!! Thus in the hierarchy of LibTardism she is way down the list:

1)* Black, Lesbian, Black Gay

2)* Ditto only Mexican

3)* Black but straight, woman, then man

4* Mexican but straight woman, then man




Straight Eskimo

  • Coming soon, look for ATHEIST to be added to the Black + Lesbian + Atheist + Disabled which will be the ULTIMATE HIRE!!! CHeck off 4 boxes with 1 hire (and YES that is HOW WE DO IT and what we look for)!

We are living in a world of MINORITY RULE and bammy will pass the baton from himself to Julian Castro the Mexican, Castro is HIS MAN!!! Don’t believe me, check WH visitors log! Castro is clean, looks good, Harvard degree, his mother was a RADICAL, toss up on whether Hussein bammy or Castro is further to the left. Castro has sign on the UN Agenda 21 and giving away our San Antonio Missions to the UN…

Billary MIGHT be a VP contender at best…


I don’t think Castro or Booker are ready now, but they will be in the future.


A Hillary/Booker ticket would be hard to beat


If Castro takes the Gov seat then bank on it! Castro is the # 1 pick right now


Man, I don’t think liberals are even contemplating about what life will be like without their number one man BHO? But what if they don’t have to? Obama is clearly moving centrist now, if you watched his speech he actually mentioned God and Jesus in it! Plus he wrote it himself. That will definitely help imprint him onto the minds of democratic Christians who probably didn’t vote for him this time. And with wimpy Boehner now postponing debt ceiling talks for a year, he will be an unstoppable idol. Gas prices are also at the lowest point in his presidency and they are going lower!!! 2013 will be one of Obama’s best years in office. Everything I have predicted about Obama’s second term is slowly but surely happening.

It all leads up to term number three! Liberals aren’t going to scrap the black vote. If Obama stays in office long enough for Booker to run, 2020? Then they will release him. He might be taking lesson from Putin, Chavez, or any other country that doesn’t have term limits.

But Yes if the liberals don’t try to amend the constitution’s 22nd amendment then Castro is it! He’s taking the route right out of Obama’s playbook.


Alot can happen in four years. Hillary’s health might not allow her to run.


thats a big if


Whos the conspiracy nut now

But Yes if the liberals don’t try to amend the constitution’s 22nd amendment then Castro is it! He’s taking the route right out of Obama’s playbook.

Obama was in the state senate for 8 years and the US senate for 4 years before he was president. If Castro is following that playbook hes a shoe-in in 2028

  1. haha If I was a liberal, I wouldn’t want to think about life AO (After Obama). Therefore I would make it very hard to lose him.

  2. Well, not exactly by the book, but he’s doing what he needs to.


I agree on the first part, in fact so much so that I feel a 3rd term is in the cards.

You are not watching what is going on in your state. Republicans are being picked off like birds sitting on a fence. Suggest you look at the election map. We just lost 4, count’um 4 GOP seats in the 4th circuit, we lost in the legislature, we are in the minority, Austin, Houston, Dallas,m San Antonio are swinging left as fast as they can, Ft Worth will follow, ALL with the exception of Ft Worth IIRC have signed onto AGENDA 21 of the UN, which inculdes the UN Small Arms Treaty.

The Texas Democrats are so emboldened they have published their plans across the states papers, Castro is spending so much time at the White House he has his own key to the front door.

I gave a talk to a group the other day and the audience was stunned, I got a standing ovation at the end of it.

You better smell the coffee and see the light, Texas is in the DNC’s cross hairs. If they can capture Texas then its a LOCK on a Dim in the WH evermore. Ca is in the bag, looks like FL has also turned, that leaves the last heavy hitter as Tx with the second largest electoral votes.

I do not know where you live, but where I live lets look at the numbers: 81% voted for Romney, 17% voted for Obama. Looks good? You betcha, think that is gonna change in 4 yr, 8 yr and beyond…not much in all likelihood. We also have less than 5% minorities in the county…BUT, we have a 1000 home development going on here in the country, a 1000 homes in a county of just over 32,000 people here. WHY would someone come in and build a 1000 homes here, FOR WHO? Word is these are LOW INCOME families homes…REALLY, we have one of the highest family incomes in Tex in this county. We do not have a base of low income people here. BUT there is a govt program to move low income families into low minority % counties and cities…this program has been around for several years, its not new and the intention is to bring equality to outlying areas…

I think you like the GOP here is in a malaise, you cannot imagine your county going for anything but a GOP candidate. THen while you are looking at the county map of voting in Texas I STRONGLY suggest you look at the US map of Romney vs Obama, its a JAW DROPPER. In fact looking at the voting map its HARD to see how Obama won at all.




County 2012 election results rom vs obam