Hillary Clinton to serve as keynote speaker at cyber defense summit


Do I Really have to say it?
You Just Can’t make this $h!+ up!


She certainly is well qualified. She is an expert in the application of Bleachbit and the smashing of communication devices that might have harbored incriminating evidence.

Beyond that, I wonder what her speaking fee will be? I understood that she waived her usual speaking fee when she gave her acceptance speech to the Democrat Convention after they nominated her for president. Wasn’t that thoughtful of her! In the old days, Goldman - Sacks paid her over $500 grand for a speech plus first class accommodations. Her speeches must have been real stem winders to rate that kind of money. A first rate road company of a Broadway show here in Tampa does not gross that much in an evening. Giving up a fee like that showed how committed she was to our country. (Yea right)

It reminds me of the story of FDR when he proposed rewarding notorious crooked politician, James Michael Curly, with the ambassadorship to Poland. When asked why he considered that appointment, FDR’s response was, “Can you think of anything that Mr. Curly would like to steal in Poland?”

I wonder why they can’t get people to pay $2 to come and see Hillary and Bill speak these days? Has she lost her voice?

Perhaps it is because she has lost her influence.


I wonder if the questions for the “intimate Q&A keynote discussion” will be screened to avoid embarrassing relevant questions.


Drop the “I wonder if”, Ken.