Hillary Clinton Urges Silicon Valley to ‘Disrupt’ ISIS


Hillary Clintonsaid on Sunday that the Islamic State had become “the most effective recruiter in the world” and that the only solution was to engage American technology companies in blocking or taking down militant websites, videos and encrypted communications.
“You are going to hear all the familiar complaints: ‘freedom of speech,’ ” Mrs. Clinton said in an hourlong speech and question-and-answer session at the Saban Forum, an annual gathering at the Brookings Institution that focuses mostly on Israel’s security issues.

While I agree that these sites should be stopped in the bigger picture this would open the door for the government to shut down any site or venue that some politician decides is bad. I can see a whole can of worms being opened if the government gets its foot into the door. There is already an effort by the government to shut down speech they dislike all under cover of calling it fair.