Hillary Clinton: “We’re Gonna Put A Lot Of Coal Miners Out Of Business”


Tonight during a CNN Democratic town hall Hillary Clinton continued her war on coal. During the town hall Clinton admitted, “We have to move away from coal,” and promised if elected she was, “going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”
Clinton’s anti-coal message started at an “Environmentalists For Hillary” event in Nashua, NH where Clinton said, “I also want to say a special word about coal. We have to move away from coal. Everybody understands that, there is no doubt about it.”

This is guaranteed to lose more voters for the democrats. Politicians want americans to switch to alternative energy which is jacking up the price of energy and filling the pockets of those who force customers to pay for unreliable sources of energy which costs more to maintain than the value of the energy output. Wind turbines set idle most of the time and the price of maintenance outstrips any justification of using them.


She’s gonna wave her magic wand and turn those ghost towns into high tech 21st century green something or other. News flash for Hillary: Just because someone gets their hands dirty and actually works for a living doesn’t mean they are stupid.


Plus, it takes more energy to PRODUCE one gallon of ethanol than that gallon will produce when burned as fuel…and it requires fossil fuels producing heat to MAKE that gallon of ethanol!