Hillary Clinton won praise as America's top diplomat


Hillary Clinton’s service as America’s third female secretary of State produced few dramatic diplomatic initiatives but was generally highly regarded by foreign policy experts when she stepped down nearly four years ago.
Now the scandal over Clinton’s use of a private email server while at the State Department, plus a partisan clash over her response to the 2012 Benghazi attack and the relentless wear-and-tear of global crises, have overshadowed her achievements and could undermine a pillar of her presidential campaign.
After losing her first White House bid in 2008, Clinton became the top U.S. diplomat during President Obama’s first term. She joined a powerful team of rivals who debated and advocated policies inside the White House.

Hillary Clinton won praise as America’s top diplomat, but time has tarnished her record - LA Times

The media once again carrying Hillary’s water and painting a rosy picture instead of the abysmal performance that she did. Under Hillary terrorism flourished and grew, Americans died, allies joked as to the ineffectiveness of Hillary as she ran from gun fire.

Truly the article is a case of wishful thinking trying desperately to push a narrative of untruth.


Hitlery is a LOSER and has been all her life, she like Obama have no record of achievement in any endeavor. In fact neither of them would rate even mediocre and perhaps our govt is noting but a reflection of its people. It is a challenge to look across the landscape of our elected leaders in Govt and find any more than a very few with any integrity honesty and who put GOD and country first over their own personal gain. The Klintons and Obama personify this.




Hillary has had two major achievements in her life. First she was born female, which has made her presidential nomination “historic.” Second, she married Bill Clinton and has remained married to him despite his infidelities. That gave her the platform from which to run for president. Otherwise she have been just one more female attorney, chasing ambulances and practicing law in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Chicago. That’s where she’s from.

And being a WHITE attorney, who’s not Jewish (sorry, that’s how it is) in a town controlled by the Strogers and other racialists…and being so inept as to not be able to pass the bar exam, even, in DC…she didn’t have much of a future anywhere.