Hillary has the perfect end game strategy- The bimbo of the day


Hillary has come up with the perfect strategy … come up with a new sexual groping charge every day, and let Trump talk about that instead the issues. It does not matter if these allegations are true or not. All these women have to do is make the allegations. They tie up the campaign on non issues.

Then to top it off CBS News shows Hillary saying, “I’m not happy about this.”

It’s enough to make you want to throw up. :sick:

Next at time we need to nominate a female candidate or a male who was neutered at seven years of age. That is the age at which one is judged to be too young to commit a crime.

I am disgusted with this campaign. I can’t wait until it is over, and I have studied and collected presidential campaign campaigns and items for many years. It’s like the alternative candidate to Hillary has cancer and is waiting to die. This is slow motion suicide for our country.


Of course the general perception of the public is that where there’s smoke there’s fire. A second thought my be if he didn’t do it he should be able to prove it. As to the smoke & fire thing my guess is that these are responses to the Bill Clinton is a rapist chants during rallies that was suggested by Alex Jones (?) (the guy on U=Tube). As for proving you didn’t do something, that can vary from being hard to impossible assuming you weren’t in jail or something like that. Give me 3 random dates & I may not be able to tell you what country I was in or what state. As for proving that I wasn’t in a certain place, that would be pretty hard for me.


One of Trump’s missteps is that he used the “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” tactic specifically on Bill Clinton. I think it was effective to counter with him, but more along the lines of “We’re both on the same footing, and he was qualified to be president, and Hilary backed it.”

The sort of internal contradiction he’s trapped himself in, is saying that Bill’s denials are not to be believed, but his are. That’s a pretty weak argument, that even many people who hate Bill Clinton just cannot possibly believe.


Whoever is behind this (and Hitlery is a likely culprit, even for those of us who are NOT Conspiracy Theorists), Trump is cooperating by taking the bait.

I agree with your assessment of the campaigns and all the rest of the nonsence ON BOTH SIDES. It IS slow death.

Not thrilled with what the outcome will be (HUGE understatement), but, yes, Hitlery will win. SCOTUS appointments, screwed up foreign policy, etc. is what we have to look forward to. U.S. will now be a basket case and no longer a world leader.

I would not want to be in the military now. They will be nothing but Hitlery’s canon fodder.


We’re hosed for at least a coupla’ generations, maybe more.

Once again, the GOP has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Trump, the MSM, the STUPID ELECTORATE, etc. . . . they all have had a hand in it.

Defeatist? Perhaps, but more like a realist.

Trump’s latest moronic comments about him not wishing to even “sit next” to such a dog (not sure what his exact remarks were, but that’s close enough) were the last nail in the coffin.

It really doesn’t matter now who was behind this latest bimbo eruption, or whether or not it’s actually true, or just how well he performs in the next debate . . . it’s over.

Maybe the only silver lining in this cloud is that Hitlery will hasten the collapse, though just how long things can spiral down is anybodies guess.

Oh well . . . play the hand you were dealt. Does this mean that we, the opposition, should just throw in the towel and quit? Of course not. Besides, we have to hang around to tell the lefties “I TOLD YOU SO”.