Hillary: I’m Running For President To Protect Y’all ‘From The Plague Of Gun Violence’


***CLINTON: **I’m running for president to protect our families and communities from the plague of gun violence … No matter what anyone says, this is not an urban problem. It’s a problem in small towns, small suburbs, on college campuses, in movie theaters and even in the basement of a church … In fact, we know the majority of Americans — and the majority of gun owners — agree with us on this … I won’t be silenced, and I hope you won’t be either. I will keep speaking out, and I will keep taking on the NRA… and I would love to see gun owners start a competing organization … Everyone in this country should be held responsible for their actions, and that includes gun manufacturers, gun sellers and the NRA.

Video Hillary Running For President To End Plague Of Gun Violence | The Daily Caller

I can not say her record is very stellar about preventing gun violence.

Remember *Benghazi “What does it matter Now?”


So who’ll protect us from the plague of Hillary?..


The Donald.


Not by my vote, he won’t…


[quote=“reason10, post:3, topic:47568”]
The Donald.
[/quote]This struck me as funny. I immediately thought of Donald Duck