Hillary’s America’ Docu Set To Open Just Before GOP Convention


The timing of the very Clinton critical docu also works perfectly leading into the Democrats’ Philadelphia convention, which starts on July 25 and runs until July 28. Having co-helmed the second most successful docu of all time with 2016: Obama’s America back in 2012 and the 6thmost successful docu ever *America:

[WATCH] Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Hillary’s America’ Opens Just Before GOP Meet | Deadline

Hillary has been pulling out all stops to advance her image although that image does not reflect her personal life. The democrats will flock to this movie and later spout what ever propaganda they hear while ignoring her real past.

Printing books and making movies released just before elections are now standard tools in the push to enamber people to vote for them.*


Wasted effort.

There is no point, NONE, in screaming how bad Madame will be - when the cult-leader the Golden-Calf worshippers are elevating is as bad or worse.


You have to figure that coupled with paid on line trolling by Hillary supporters that the clueless left and those dumb idiots that support Bernie who want communism being flooded with Hillary propaganda many will turn to vote for her in spite of all her misdeeds.

Pro-Hillary PAC Spending $1 Million to Hire Online Trolls - Breitbart