Hillary says it was Sanders fault in Sept 2017


Almost unbelievable that she’d still be blaming other people for the failed campaign… She just didn’t connect with the voters. It’s a year later and just another election blame interview. Career politicians only care about image.


“I won, really, by March and April, but he just kept going,” Clinton told NPR’s “Morning Edition.” “And he and his followers’ attacks on me kept getting more and more personal, despite him asking me not to attack him personally. And, you know, I really regret that. "

I don’t like Bernie Sanders’ positions but the following quote is far better than any of Clinton’s

Last week, Sanders told The Hill newspaper that he isn’t interested in rehashing the 2016 campaign. “My response is that right now it’s appropriate to look forward and not backward,” he said. “Our job is to go forward.”


Hillary said it’s EVERYBODY’S fault except her own…


I hope it hurt. A lot.


Poor Hillary! Everyone is just working against her. She should take a hint.


Yep, and yet she regrets not attacking others more personally