Hillary seals clap when she tells them she'll raise their taxes


At a rally Hillary told her crowd that she is going to change the regulations for the benefit of the middle class and raise the taxes on the middle class. Her audience cheered. These people didn’t look like poor folks who don’t pay taxes, still are they really happy about higher taxes? :awkward:

I also saw saw a Hillary ad that touts the fact that she is going to raise corporate taxes. We currently have the highest corporate tax rates it the world. So is it a good idea to make them higher? I guess so in the world of progressivism. I guess so especially since the money is going be spent on more windmills and solar panels.


What happens in the early stages of communism-socialism is that it gets sold to people who think they too should be entitled to drive a Rolls Royce, own a 300 ft yacht and live in a 20,000 sq ft home, then they are told the reason why they don’t have those things is because the RICH have them and if we only “make the rich pay their fair share” then they will have them, they are poor because the rich are rich. This is populist politics.

So they get elected on promise of raising taxes on those rich people and those rich corps. This results in the rich getting richer along with the corps…how so? High tax rates send the corps outside the US where they get better rates, this of course takes jobs. The rich go into tax avoidance mode and change how then invest and do business now they get richer and pay less taxes. Now it becomes a game in which the govt always loses. They run out of money, thus raise taxes more and run out of money more.

In simple terms the govt runs out of other peoples money since it has none as this oppresses economic activity things get worse and finally socialism collapses under its own weight.

Hitlery/Obama and the far left propose the same old same old economic plans as all the others that have failed did. The only difference is that the far left never learns from history and cannot accept the fact they could be wrong. They are ALWAYS the smartest people in the room.


I believe that most people think that a tax increase is coming. And really wealth redistribution is what the democrats are all about. So in that way I can see why they would clap. My guess is that there are also reasons to clap because: 1. They don’t believe that they are the target of those increases 2. They have no idea how high those increase will end up going. 3. They can’t connect the dots as to how less money will affect them.
My youngest (the perfect example of a liberal democrat) thinks more social programs are a great thing. He believes that because he’s broke those programs will help him a lot. The problem is that he doesn’t see his choices as causing him problems. He lives in a high cost of living area. He wants a lifestyle that he can’t afford. And the part that is going to kill him is that he makes a pretty solid middle class wage while being single (newly divorced). BOOM! He doesn’t have a clue how much his taxes are going to go up next year even without new taxes. The sad thing is that he is extremely even tempered & will just make payments to the IRS because “that’s what you have to do”. He will never examine where those tax dollars go or how they are wasted. He won’t think long term what will happen when taxes go up or anything like that. He’s just a big dumb goof who will continue to be screwed in life because he won’t do anything to stop it. I often wonder if other liberals are like him? He is a lot like his mother who raised him & will end up the same way, a wage slave with no savings & who will probably lose everything when they can’t work any more.
I guess my kids balance out though. My youngest (who I raised) is a republican in every way. Work hard, play hard, & make yourself rich. He knows what higher taxes will mean because he is already paying them. He pays more in taxes each year than I make.


I was a young liberal once. Then I saw how the very government programs that I thought were helping me were actually lies causing me to make poor decisions that kept me struggling in a paycheck to paycheck life.

I’m no altruist, if there are programs that will help me I will take advantage of them, but I also admit that they are unnecessary in an ideal society and that the government is not “helping” rather than “exerting its power.” Strangely enough it was the debate about euthanasia that made me realize it.


My understanding is that she meant to say “upper class.” Comes from speaking from polls instead of the heart. Not that I would ever trust a word that comes out of her lying mouth.