Hillary Used Same Method Trump Did To Not Pay Taxes


Well this is a little awkward. With the leaked 1995 Trump tax returns ‘scandal’ focused on the billionaire’s yuuge “net operating loss” and how it might have ‘legally’ enabled him to pay no taxes for years, we now discover none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton utilized a $700,000 “loss” to avoid paying some taxes in 2015.The Clinton Campaign was quick to jump on the leaked Trump tax filing with Robby Mook tweeting [above].And Hillary following up, adding Trump “apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades—while tens of millions of working families paid theirs.”However, a look back at Hillary Clinton’s tax returns from 2015 (here), proudly displayed by the campaign proving she has nothing to hide – shows something awkward on page 17…

Hypocrite: Hillary Used Same Method Trump Did To Not Pay Taxes | Weasel Zippers

While the Hillary supporters foam at the mouth it appears Hillary used the same method to avoid paying taxes. What say you liberals?

Point of fact this tactic has been used over and over accusing the other side of doing something when in fact you do the same.


Hitlery is more crooked than Trumpy has been or ever will be…


Last night, Reddit commenter “TheGoldenDon” claimed on the pro-Trump Reddit page “The_Donald” that “Hillary Clinton recorded a $700k loss to avoid paying taxes in 2015.” The post included an image from the Clintons’ return which shows that the Clintons had a net long-term capital loss of $699,540 carried over from a prior tax year. The image was picked up by the conservative blog Zero Hedge, which stated that the returns show that Hillary Clinton “Used Same Tax Avoidance ‘Scheme’ As Trump.”
The claim rocketed through the conservative media and has been repeatedly cited on this morning’s Fox & Friends, where co-host Ainsley Earhardt claimed that the “$700,000 loss” shows that “Hillary did the same thing” as Trump.
*In fact, as the next page of the tax returns show, while the Clintons claimed a $700,000 capital loss carried over from a prior year, they could take a deduction for only of $3,000 for that loss.

The next page confirms that they paid $3,236,975 in federal income tax that year.



Let me clue you in: The most you can take on a tax loss is $3k unless you have profits. So if they had a $700k profit on 1 stock and a $700k loss on another then they zero out. But that $3000 is good every year until it zero’s out