Hillary: Why Yes My Proposals Require a $1 Trillion Tax Hike


When asked specifically about her tax policy and how she plans to pay for proposed infrastructure “investment,” Clinton admitted her plan to pay for campaign proposals will require a $1 trillion tax hikeover the next ten years. Daily News: So on taxes, that I did call for among other things, a surcharge on incomes over $5 million, 30% minimum, the Buffett rule, over a million…

Clinton: Over a million. Yeah, right.

Daily News: …and then to carried interests, a change in capital gains that would reward people for holding for six years or more, I believe it is. How much revenue do you foresee coming off that and what will be the impact on growth?

Hillary: Why Yes My Proposals Require a $1 Trillion Tax Hike - Katie Pavlich

Each year the tax bite gets further and further into the year when americans have to pay for the latest round of taxes to support political largess.

Politicians run on about how they need to pay for infrastructure and the like and then proceed to add their pork projects to win favor and stay in office. Bureaucracies cry for more money to increase their “importance” and their need.

Americans are forced to foot the bill for alternative energy which does not pay for itself as well as global warming taxes and then are told that if they do buy into the electric car they need to pay more at the pump for the loss revenue.

The largest coal conglomerate has filed bankruptcy and other energy producers are saddled with regulations and requirements to “cleanup” their plants with equipment which in the end does nothing.

I do not even want to go into all the people the government wants to import on the government dole.