HISTORIC: Trump Becomes 3rd President to Be Impeached

I am so d@mn sick of this!


I’m thinking of writing my Democrat Congressman to tell him I’m pleased to witness, for historical reasons, Democrats acting like historical Democrats.

I would recount that Democrats voted to protect the right to own a slave then fought a war to protect slavery. They created the KKK to terrorize blacks and Republicans. They passed and enforced Jim Crow laws to keep blacks segregated. They voted against civil rights until they realized they could no longer win and then LBJ masterminded a big switch lie.

I’m shocked how effective the lie has been. I’m shocked how many people believe the Republicans are responsible for the KKK and voted against civil rights.

The impeachment charges are fraudulent against President Trump, who has benefited blacks more than any recent president. So I’m a little pleased to observe Democrats reverting to their true form for the historical experience.