History will show . . .


I’ll be brief.

Given France’s President, Hollande’s, monumental response and that of Russia’s Vladimir Putin to the latest terrorist carnage in Paris by ISIS, unless the world is taken over by Progressives and their version of events, history will likely chronicle the fact that a French socialist and a KGB trained Russian president provided far better leadership and did more to keep the world safe during this existential struggle with Radical Islamist terrorists than did the President of the United States.

Sad, sad, utterly disgraceful state of affairs.


On the other hand it’s about time they did, Russia and France. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise?


Time will tell. But, let’s be clear - Hollande’s response is motivated by his commitment to preserving France. Putin’s motivation is longer term - it is strategic - his eye is on expansion of Russian Middle Eastern/European influence at the expense of a US being guided by a feckless president. Obama’s disgrace will live on.


No; It’s more like Putin is preserving his status with Syria. Recently Assad had become more iran’s Proxy than his; stationing his forces there was part to making Assad know who he should really be looking to for support.

Russia however can’t force project much more than it already has. They don’t have the equipment or the manpower anymore.


I think my #2 sentence in post #3 above covers much of your belief regarding Syria/Assad/Iran. But, Putin’s strategy goes FAR beyond Syria - it goes to the influence/power regarding Middle Eastern oil and the strategic stranglehold he/Russia would have over our allies, including Europe, should he successfully leverage/expand Russia’s power/influence over the region. To pull it off, Putin requires proxies in the region - Syria and Iran fit the bill quite nicely.

MUCH will happen in the last 14 months of Obama’s reign - and it won’t be good for this country and will be difficult/perhaps impossible to undo regardless who wins the WH in '16. There is no turning back the clock in the last year of his presidency - Obama’s LEGACY has been and will be the crippling of America internally and externally.

Elections have consequences. The American people are the ones who “jumped the shark” in 2012 when they elected Obama.