Hitler's Mufti, Anti-Semitism and why Democrats are like Nazis


Mohammed Amin al-Husseini was a Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader in Mandatory Palestine. He was the Grand Mufti. He was also a friend of Hitler and the Nazis. I highly recommend reading the book “Icon of Evil, Hitler’s Mufti”, and see what leads to Anti-Semitism today and the Democrat’s part in it.


Nine Bullet Points explaining why Democrats are like Nazis in every way.
Also, as mentioned in my video, please see Tucker Carlson’s related monologue: Click Here

Antisemitism is on the rise in the Democrat party, although the Democrat party has always been the home of antiSemitism. From the squad and others . . . . . attacks on Christian conservatives, outing (“doxing”) Trump donors and supporters, targeting them and attacking with militant mobs like Antifa, a demand for the socialist takeover of the economy and private sector, calls for forced gun confiscation and much much more are similar to the tactics used by Adolf Hitler. The democratic party behaves exactly like Nazis and uses their tactics and mirrors their policies.

. . . . the Democrats today, openly socialist just like Hitler, behave exactly like Nazis. Exactly!

The liberals are dealing with a serious fascism problem. Whether it be the rise of anti Semitism, The Kristallnacht tactics of BLM and Antifa, the shouting down and shutting down free speech on campus or the random attempted murder of police.

Democrats enable the murder of millions of innocent humans every years in their Planned Butcherhood “clinics” just like the Nazis did in their death camps. And now I suppose you will say that a baby is not an innocent human being?

How about embracing of junk science on human beings (like transgenderism)? Nazis forced people in school to learn their junk science on the Arian race, just like Liberals embrace junk science on transgenderism and gender fluidity.

Gun control? favorite of Nazis and Communists.

Democrats embrace the very evils that they practiced. Democrats’ Nazi strong arm tactics, blackshirts in the streets (Antifa), heir murder of millions of innocent people in Planned Parenthood death camps, their embracing of socialism (Hitler always spoke of national socialism), to their willingness to squash free speech and other rights, and to their embracing of junk science on human beings (like transgenderism), the Democrats are EXACTLY like Nazis.


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Once the Jews stopped being victims they were no longer useful to democrats. Now they are commonly assumed to be successful intelligent people - the polar opposite of the folks liberals are trying to attract. The same goes for Asians. But don’t get me wrong, the left commonly imparts victim mentality into everyone who isn’t white, contrary to what they preach constitutes a victim.

What it comes down to is that Jews look like white people. They are white people as far as I’m concerned. They are on the lowest rung of humanity according to dems, and cannot be redeemed.

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The Democrats are also heavily influenced by Congresswomen Talib and Omar. Both are dedicated anti-Semites who want Israel whipped off the face of the earth. The Democrats don’t want them using overt anti-Semitic language because that is too hard to clean up. They can undermine Israel whenever they want, however, because Trump supported the Israelis.

The Democrats also embrace the Palestinians as victims. When you are Democrat, you can never have too many victims. They make for wonderful voters.



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