"Hogs Gone Wild"


You guys are more than likely aware of all the ferrel hogs causing mayhem and distruction, and breeding like rabits.
But have any of you seen the show, “Hogs Gone Wild”? I never saw anything so stupid in my entire life. (JIC you haven’t, it’s about guys who hire themselves out to irradicate the problem for homeowners and neighborhoods.)
The stupid part? They don’t KILL THEM! They go though all kinds of nonsense capturing, then hog-tying, then loading them up on their trucks…ALIVE. I’ve no idea what happens to them after that.
Do any of you? And do any of you know why they insist on doing live capture? Even heard a guy, after they had a noose around this hog’s neck, telling the other dude, “Careful; we don’t want to kill it.” :confused: But they will if it’s life or death. But even then, the dude sadly sighs, “We did what we had to”, as if he was putting a cherised pet out of its misery.
Pardon me if I just don’t get it.
One thing I could get. Is if, for some reason, they have to get them to a butcher shop live. Wouldn’t know why, but could that be it?
All I keep thinking is the number of hungry people they could be feeding, and hoping that’s their destination.


We kill wild hogs all the time where I live.

This reminds me, I have not heard from my buddy who shoots them on his ranch for a year or so. I should call him and get a freezer full of pork.


My favorite pig gun was my M1 Carbine. I used to bait a spot where they crossed a set of “ancient” and unused railroad tracks. I’d set up downwind in the brush with a 30 round clip and a bipod. When a pack would come through and stop to eat, I’d unload. Filled up the back of the old Ranger many times like that.


I saw that show last night. I came over to my grandparents for the week to help them out. They have been having hog problems in their pasture lately. We got our hog trap set up and baited now. We watched that show last night and my grandpa said the best was to load up a hog is dead with a bullet hole in between the eyes. lol they use the most stupid ways to cat hogs to. Just set up a trap or two bait it with some corn and when the hogs come just kill’em and then load them up. if you don’t want to eat them just go sell’em there is a place near us that buys them. Those people on that show have no idea what they are doing. lol They need to take a lesson from country people on how to deal with hogs.


That is sure one way to get’em. lol


Thanks, folks. You have restored my faith in humanity.


Or even just to make sure the last hunt didn’t turn out as hoped. lol


He knows what he is doing LOL, his youngest daughter is kind of a Tomboy and she had nagged him for years to hunt with him on the ranch property. She shot her first hog at 8 years old.

Good girl!


Live catches for the PITA people more then likely. There’s a BBQ stand down the road I’m sure.


:machinegu :slayer:


Tis is good practice for the muzzi upriseing. Except you can eat the hogs.