Hollywood Celebrities Ramp Up Attacks on Larry Elder (Warning: Filthy language)

With mail-in voting already underway, Newsom is spending big time in an effort save his governorship. Money is pouring in from billionaire left-wing donor George Soros, who has donated a total of one million dollars to help Newsom, while Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings has given a whopping $3 million.

Celebrities are helping lead the smear efforts against Elder and the GOP.

Actor Ron Perlman posted a profanity-laden video in which he compared Republicans to ISIS and said “**** you, GOP.”

This is what passes for humor in Hollywood. These guys are wondering why movie theaters empty. They need only look at their mean spirited woke politics.

“If you are woke, you go broke.”

If only that comes true.

It’s interesting to note that Greg Gutfield has a larger late night audience on Fox News that Steven Colbert despite the many ads CBS runs for Colbert’s show all day long. A hog calling contest is more entertaining than the Steven Colbert Show.

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HellBoy< certainly knows Sh*t?

My question: If Hollywood offends, why support them?