Hollywood’s Jim Carrey and Bill Maher: socialism for thee but not for me


While on the Bill Maher show, Jim Carrey, one of Hollywood’s richest actors declared “We have to say yes to socialism, to the word and everything. We have to stop apologizing,"

Of course, neither Carrey nor Maher is apologizing for their enormous wealth which they have realized under our free market system.

To get an idea of how these two limousine riding elitists live, first take a TOUR of Carrey’s $13.5 million dollar home, and then take a TOUR of Maher’s home.

It is absolutely disgusting how these two, and other wealthy elitists, tell us to practice socialism while they enjoy the fruits of our free market system. This is the same crowd, mind you, that tell us to open our borders to the worlds poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled populations of other countries, while they live in luxury behind their gated walls, and we suffer the devastating effects of importing the worlds poverty into our communities.

And let us not forget another elitists, John Legend, who attacked ICE for making our inner cities safe, by fearlessly confronting some of the most dangerous illegal entrant criminals, many who are MS-13 gang members. Does John Legend not care about the safety and well-being of American citizens living in our nation’s inner cities?

If John Legend and his squeeze were really as concerned about the “children’s” plight as they say, then why haven’t he and his wife taken a few hundred of these children into their $14 million plus mansion in Beverly Hills? Instead, he, like Carrey and Maher, attack ICE for making our inner cities safe, and putting their lives on the line to protect American Citizens living in our nation’s inner cities.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance a maternity ward for the poverty stricken populations of other countries who invade America’s borders to give birth.


I don’t begrudge anyone making a fabulous income and using it to live a life of luxury. What I DO resent–HIGHLY–is those same people telling me that I have to accept socialism because if I don’t I MIGHT do the same things THEY did and earn what THEY have, too. Neither Carrey NOR Maher are people I’d have the least interest in emulating. Both are evil, immoral hedonists and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies, let alone my family.


I despise these people who have made a fortune through the capitalist system who now want to impose socialism on the rest of us. Their message is, “I made mine, now you can’t make yours because I think the system is unfair.”

Jim Carrey now has a face that looks like an old prune. He is washed up, but he has made his. His movies seemed show some promise, but when you saw them, they were almost always disappointing. As such he is an overrated clown who should have the common decency to leave other people alone, but that is not the Hollywood way. They think that they have right to tell us how we should live our lives. To hell with his opinions.


Jim Carrey MADE his wealth by playing the identical part over and over but with a different cast of supporting characters and a slightly different plot line.


He has no right to criticize anything in OUR country. He’s an idiot from Canada. Go back to Canada, Jim!


He is totally talentless, imo. Never liked him or his so-called humor. Never watched any of his movies.


The only Jim Carrey movie I could get through was Dumb and Dumber… That might have been because Carry was finally playing a character who matched his intellectual capacity.


Probably the most pathetically hypocritical batch of people in the world, wealthy leftists.