Home and Garden

Just wanted to share a couple recent pics:

The Texas star was a little anniversary gift to ourselves:

our first water lily of the year:

Y’all have a beautiful yard Angel. I’ll bet it’s really relaxing to be in that back yard with a lounge chair and a beer?!!

Cool star and ya’ foung the perfect place to mount it too!

That’s a nice house, angel. And the water lily shot, was pretty.

Thanks y’all…it is our little oasis. :cowboy:

Please feel free to post your home and garden stuff here too.

Very nice home. You guys put that floor there in the terrace yourself?

Yeppers we sure did…it is all pavestones laid out one by one…
We put that in last August and the Pond was done in September.

befor construction:


a couple recent pond pics:

Nice job! Especially the pond. Got any fish in it yet??

Last pond I had was in North Carolina, and we had a bunch of Wal-Mart Koi, and some well fed goldfish living in ours. Had some pretty handsome 2 pound bullfrogs too…

Have 4 Koi in the pond, all with personalities.

Nice work with that floor…I’m thinking of doing something similar. I already got a slab of concrete 25x15…but I’d like to add to it similar to what you guys did, that way it is easily removed if need be. How long did it take you guys to do it and how did you get it so even?

The base has to be sand right?

Depending on what stones you use, you can use paving/mason sand, just depends on the application. Some stones require a concrete base.
When it comes to the mason sand, there is difference in what you buy at the dirt yard and what you get in the bags from Home Depot (from experience).
We did half the patio with paving sand from Pave Stone. It was expensive, but I could tell the difference when packing it.
For one, it would pack so tight, it was almost like walking on concrete. The mason sand from the dirt yard wouldn’t pack. It was like walking on dry beach sand, you would sink. I would have to wet, pack, wet, pack, etc… Which is what you have to do begin with, but it just was not the same.
The sand in the bags is supposedly just river sand, but it just packed some much better.

As far as the time, I think we would do a row of stones in the evening, about an hour a day during the work week. On the weekends we would work all day. It took a good couple of weeks. Had to remove the sod, lay out weed block, bring the stones and sand to the back of the yard, plus lay out the sand, level and slope it. We also had to deal with the rain.

To keep it level, we did that a brick at a time.

Great info, thanks. I’ll just add that to the never-ending list of things to do.

Very nice angel…and jmack. :cowboy: It does look like a nice little oasis!

Beautiful yard! Very relaxing. BEG has a heck of a yard too–maybe she’ll post some pics. As for us, we just can’t seem to get our act together with 3 small children. We keep the grass cut and weeds back, but I think that will be the extent of it until Ryan(my autsie) is in school full time(2 more years) and Jacob, my youngest, is at least 3 or so(again, 2 more years–LOL). I can’t wait though, I did the landscaping for our home in AZ and it was awesome and I loved doing it! Can’t wait to get my hands on our current yard. Our home is 25 years old so we have some very nice grown up trees so it just needs to have some nice touches put in–we’d like a pond too, just generally cleaning up the landscaping, some flowers, etc. We’ve got a lovely deck too, but it definitely needs to be redone–the previous owners put cheap paint on it to make it look nice for showing–ugh.

Well, let us see the progress when it starts.


I waited five years for my water lily to open. When it did, the whole family gathered around to await the wonderous occasion.

When the lily bloomed, it stunk of extremly stale brandy! It was a right stinker!!

That’s funny! Did you keep the lilly?

You will have a 2 yr wait before that even begins. Although this motivates me to take the bull by the horns and at least get the edging up to speed again and put some mulch down. where does all the time go? ugh