Home School Legal Defense Association Accused of Protecting Child Abusers


Home School Legal Defense Association Accused of Protecting Child Abusers
By Napp Nazworth
Christian Post Reporter
May 10, 2013|7:44 am

Libby Anne, a blogger for the atheist channel of Patheos, has accused the Home School Legal Defense Association of protecting child abusers. HSLDA has responded that it does not condone nor defend child abuse and has only been concerned with legal issues regarding homeschooling.

Some child abusers, Anne says, use homeschooling as a way to cover up their crimes. By keeping their kids out of schools, they are able to avoid monitoring by other adults who might detect a problem.

Broad-broom hysterical slanderous @#$% like this have been hurled at homeschoolers for many years. This writer cites three supposed examples, two entirely wrongly and the other in which HSLDA represented the family on an issue other than their abuse (or alleged abuse). Guess what? HSLDA could have cited 100s or 1000s of cases in which they represented homeschooling families who were falsely accused. IMO, they should have done a data dump of several hundred citations of cases they’ve handled onto her blog and asked if she needed more research material! To be blunt - but not broom-paint - this (slanderous accusations against religious people doing valuable service in the community) is typical of a certain noisy subset of atheists. These noisy obnoxoids are giving atheists generally a bad name!


This slanderous move against the HSDLA is nothing new to those that promote using the power of the state to control every aspect of our children’s education.

The HSLDA has been that last barrier between homeschoolers and government tyranny against the family for many years. Since the left has been shamed by homeschoolers outperforming wrt to educational/academic excellence for many years, their last resort is to falsely accuse the HSDLA of protecting child abusers.

This was the same tactic used by the promoters of Hitlery Klinton’s “Village” or rather, CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974) which enable CPS to terminate parental rights without ever having to prove the parents unfit. Throughout the 1990’s, when Conservative legislators tried to insert ACCOUNTABILTY clauses into CAPTA so that families that were maliciously destroyed by CPS with evidence supporting their action against the family, the anti-family liberals came out in force accusing those legislators of being protectors of child abusers.


I must add a correction:

CAPTA, itself, doesn’t enable CPS to terminate parental rights without ever having to prove the parents unfit. The addition of the SAFE Adoption Act of 1997 is what actually enabled CPS to terminate parental rights without ever having to prove the parents unfit. The SAFE Adoption Act of 1997 was championed by Hillary Klinton and signed into law by Bill Klinton.


Yeah, this is asinine…people who abuse children don’t have the inclination to pretend to homeschool their kids so that they can pencil in a good beating for their kids during school hours. It’s ridiculous and just another ruse and rumor and deflection by the Department of Education to draw more homeschooled kids into their indoctrinating clutches. It drives the Left crazy when they hear about homeschooling. They seethe and become literally physically ill when they are presented with the possibility that a child (even one) is out of their slimy politically correct reach. These types of falsehoods will continue to be spouted from the supporters of public education, as long as it diverts attention away from the American student’s abysmal math and language scores compared to the rest of the globe. I’ll tell ya, that 68.4 billion that we’re spending on the Department of Education every year is really working out great, isn’t it?


Hey CL,


In a lot of your posts, and it’s in your signature too, you seem to have a particular knowledge of these moronic CPS people.

Did you have some kind of encounter with them?

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean to pry, and I’m certainly not implying you’re less than a good parent. In fact, from what I’ve seen, I agree 100% with all your positions on the topic.

I’m just curious.

(BTW, years ago I had a county CPS guy as a neighbor. My impression was that this guy was a weirdo. He and his wife frequently sunbathed TOTALLY NUDE in his backyard. The fact that they sunbathed nude didn’t really bother me, but their backyard, where they did this was completely exposed to the street and to our own house, and hence our children’s view . . . no walls or anything. Plus, he’d come over and offer me his XXX videos, and one time even offered me . . . HIS WIFE as a sexual partner. The guy was super perverted, and NOT someone I would envision as protecting children. That’s been my only encounter with CPS people, and it certainly was not favorable.)


I didn’t have the encounter myself. A good family that was very close to me was needlessly and viciously by those godless commie NAZIs. This occurred in the mid-90’s. My main reason for even having internet access was to research the topic. It didn’t take long to realize that what happened to that family was SOP for CPS and their corrupt accomplices in the family court systems across the country. In the Family issues forum, there is a sticky thread that is dedicated to such links.

Your encounter with CPS caseworker as a neighbor is not too unlike most encounters with the bottom feeders that exist within that system.


Oh, yeah! And how many public school teachers are caught molesting children? I know it’s a relatively small percentage, but it’s growing.



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Is it a growing number or is it that the speed and distance of news has increased? Either way, people are now more aware of it.


I’m thinking of “local” incidents (wherever I’ve lived). And the formerly extremely conservative community near us (a small town of about 4 or 5 thousand) has had its share.


Now that would be alarming.