Homeland Security 1,000 Individuals Removed from Terrorist List


Political correctness can be deadly. That’s one of the key takeaways from what we learned by probing into the internal machinations of the federal agency charged with protecting the public’s safety. If people weren’t so concerned about others playing the race card, some of our fellow citizens who died in the terrorist attack last December might still be alive today.
Our team has obtained 183 pages of documents from the Department of Homeland Security revealing that the Obama administration scrubbed the law enforcement agency’s “Terrorist Screening Database” in order to protect what it considered the civil rights of suspected Islamic terrorist groups. The documents appear to confirm charges that Obama administration changes created a massive “hands off” list. Removed data from the terrorist watch list could have helped prevent the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Obama IRS Scandal Continues - Judicial Watch

Protecting the civil rights is a false flag meant to hide the true intent to make it easier for these individuals to commit terrorists acts.obama claims it is a safer world whie terrorism has manifested itself in nation after nation and even our own nation is seeing more terrorists related event.