Homeland Security?


Boston and Massachusetts law enforcement officials confirmed Thursday that federal agents left them in the dark on the growing warning signs about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the run-up to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis, in testimony on Capitol Hill, said his officers on a joint terrorism task force were never told about an explicit warning from the Russian government or about Tsarnaev’s travel to the Chechnya region last year. Davis said he would have liked to have known about that activity, and that it “absolutely” would have merited a second look at Tsarnaev.

Read more: [Boston police chief says feds never shared warnings about marathon bomber | Fox News](http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/05/09/boston-police-chief-says-feds-never-shared-warnings-about-bomber/#ixzz2Spdo2yAt<br /><br />T)
The whole idea of the creation of Homeland security was to have interagency cooperation and a coordinated effort by the various agencies to be more effective.

Under Bill Clinton, his administration had endeavored to limit communication between the agencies. This creation was to undo that and now it seems that Homeland Security has not only been used as an enforcement arm which picks and chooses who is to be targeted Homeland Security is bereft of doing their job when they think it does not count.

I would think that any large gathering would be looked at by the government as an opportunity for terrorists attacks and all precautions and possible scenarios be looked at.

We know we have Mosques here that preach hate and with a government that claims border security while openly frustrating any enforcement of border security, terrorists find it easier to plot and realize their goals.