Homeland star tells why white men in government, not Muslims, are the real ‘bad guys


‘Homeland’ star tells why ‘white men in government,’ not Muslims, are the real ‘bad guys’ | BizPac Review


I actually liked the guy when he was on ‘Criminal Minds’ and again when he was on ‘Dead Like Me’!

I wish these people would just SHUT UP and act!:angry26:


the logo in the bottom right corner of the video says most of what needs to be said. It’s ***MesS***NBC. Wonder how many ***MesS***NBC on-air people are “white”. I wonder how many ***MesS***NBC execs are “white”.


Trend today is to be black, that is the status figure. ANY casual observer could look at our society over the past 8 years an take note that the black mafia in the WH got away with anything they wanted to do. So a bunch of whites want to be black and now the hottest trend is wanting to be transgender. Of course it wonderful, free ticket to do as you please and as you want, see a hot chick head to the bathroom and you just stroll in there and you are Protected by the FEDS who granted you special rights and privileges not afforded to others.

I personally cannot conceive of a govt that allows anyone to just wake each morning and chose to be a man or a woman that day…and folks wonder why kids are so messed up.


Mandy Patinkin is not half as cool as any of the characters he’s played. Just another that I won’t go watch any movies from. He was canned from his big tv show. He’ll get canned from this one eventually too.

Supposedly, he’s a real PITA to work with. I’m not surprised by this.