Homosexuality does not equal civil rights


Illinois Family Institute will host a press conference Monday in opposition to any attempt by the Quinn Administration to connect civil union legislation with Martin Luther King’s birthday anniversary.
Hillside, Ill. - More than 40 African-American religious and political leaders will gather on Martin Luther King Day to decry the misrepresentation of King’s legacy and the noble civil rights cause. The recent passage of the “civil unions” bill has been trumpeted by some lawmakers as an achievement to civil rights. It is not.

Illinois Review: Black pastors to oppose connecting King’s birthday to civil union legislation


I believe Dr. King was addressing racism not sexuality back then. Anyone who tries to connect the two together are idiots using his memory/legacy to get their way. They should be ashamed.


If you are black, everyone who sees you knows it (except for a very few blacks that are quite light-skinned). If you are a homosexual, you just need to keep your mouth shut about it, and probably no one will ever know.


A better comparison would be the Loving couple, who got anti-miscegnation laws declared unconstitutional. They’ve actually come out publicly in support of gay marriage, too, and draw a direct parallel between the way interracial couples were treated and the way same-sex couples currently are, so no one would be taking the chance of misrepresenting their position.

Martin Luther King, though - nope, don’t see much of a connection there.