Honest Charities for Children


Ever see that old guy with the white beard saying that for $8 dollars a month you can feed and educate a child?
I have wanted to do that for a long while now but I don’t trust these commercials.
Does anyone here know of one of those organizations that is honest and reputable?
Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


The Red Cross is actually pretty efficient as charities go. They only have %10 overhead and the organization is so huge that it has pretty efficient distribution networks(compared to other charities). They are also large enough that they are actually under scrutiny. Some charities may be well rated, but if they take in 5 million a year, who is really checking on that?

My only issue with the Red Cross, is that they mostly focus on relief for the present and don’t build infrastructure. I really prefer infrastructure building programs because of the “teach a man to fish” principal. If we had spent as much on infrastructure in Africa as we have on famine aid, there really wouldn’t be much famine or need for life saving aid.




If a Christian charity suits you, you might look into Compassion International and see if it’s your cup of tea.

I recommend forgetting about the Red Cross. They’re out for the good of- the Red Cross…


I’ll check it out.


World Vision is another. I don’t know whether or not they have a special ministries for children or not. And if you are interested in helping homeless children in the US, Covenant House is a good one (and it’s Catholic, too!). I gave some sizable gifts to them when I was still working. I had never vetted them myself, but having heard Ravi Zacharias talking about visiting one of their missions, I think they are certainly trustworthy.