Honest question to Trump supporters on here who wouldn't support Rand Paul.


We have had some good discussions about the various candidates. I am not trying to change anyones minds on who they support, though as I have obviously stated from day one of his announcing, Trump is not a Conservative as far as I am concerned and I would hope others see the same thing.

My question is in regards to the education I received when I spoke about Rand Paul as a possible GOP nominee. If I remember correctly, I read on here various negative opinions of Paul, from essentially he was a loon to his ideals were too extreme and anti-government. Yet, support for Trump and his views has garnered major support (some with caution I understand). Trumps views are far more inflammatory and dangerous, without even going into his economic and human right views which are probably more dangerous than the rest of his rhetoric.

Why the double standard in supporting Trump but not Paul? Am I correct in identifying this double standard? If this gets back to the "anti-establishment argument, I can see other candidates being better leaders and have a better chance of defeating the Dems than Trump but they are way down the list, including Fiorina among others.

As someone from Canada who has had political discussions and been outright ridiculed for my support for a Republican candidate, the prevailing opinion being that “The GOP is crazy”; an opinion I disagree with, especially since seeing the dangers of excessive debt and political correctness in Ontario. I tell them how uninformed they are about the party, it’s history and what it is defending. Now the GOP is probably (I know it’s still early) going to choose a candidate that quite possibly embodies the very stereotype I have stated doesn’t exist. The same candidate I and others on this board figured would have been sunsetted by now, but instead is leading every poll by a mile.

Would love to hear why this is the case, and why Rand Paul has been given so little support while Trump has skyrocketed and not even yet landed.


I may well vote for Rand Paul. He’s the sanest man in the world compared to Trump. Actually, he hews closer to my heart than any of the other candidates. Several of the others appeal more to my head, so I haven’t made up my mind yet.

The first order of business is to deep-six Trump; if he’s the nominee the GOP will not survive.


I think Paul’s foreign policy has prevented him from stronger support. Even I question some of his philosophies on intervention. A strong America is very important, for all of us. My belief is that if he were elected president he would understand more closely the benefit of having and maintaining an International presence.


I agree, SC. I don’t necessarily object to his neo-isolationism, but he’s got to support measures that will keep Americans safe. Both he and Cruz are weak on that issue; although I understand where his heart is we need the means to ferret out terrorist recruits.


I agree with Rand Paul on many of his libertarian and small government positions. My problem with him is that he shares the isolationist fairy tale view of foreign relations of his father and many libertarians which are closer to those of the current administration than that of the GOP field. He has tried to tone down his long held positions for the primary race. The world is on fire and he would be dangerous to the republic.

The specifics of Trump’s foreign policy might best be described as “evolving” but his commitment to national security is unquestionable. He is smart enough to get the best advice available and strong enough to act in a politically incorrect manner when required.


Trump endangers our security far more than Paul does. Trump wants us to confront a billion Muslims, to transform a fight against Islamofascists into a crusade against an entire religion. What he has said aids ISIS in its recruiting efforts and places Americans more at risk.


Guantanamo aids ISIS? Excluding Moslems aids ISIS? Get real.

Not annihilating ISIS aids ISIS!


Of course we need to eliminate ISIS. But Trump’s bigoted bullcrap - rightly denounced by one and all, the world over - threatens to strengthen ISIS by playing into its rhetoric that the West seeks the destruction of Islam.


NOBODY is talking about destroying Islam…not even Trump. Keeping Muslims at bay until they can be properly vetted as posing no danger to the U.S. is ONLY common sense. If you can figure out how to DO that, be our guest. Why not “resettle” all these so-called “refugees” in some of the countries of the world with vast, unsettled tracts of land OTHER than in the U.S.? WHY must they come to North America with Asia, Australia, South America and Africa in places wide open to settlement if it’s “too dangerous” for them to remain in their own homes? The answer, of course, is that in no other country would they have access to all the “freebies” that America offers them and the ability to plan their nefarious activities against the U.S. in relative “safety.”


What places us at risk? Muslim doctrine. Do nothings in Congress. I hate to break it to you, but Hamas got 2/3 of the vote to rule Palestine. 70% of Egypt supports Sharia Law, while 90% support the Death Penalty for Apostasy. 8 of 10 polled Egyptian Muslims believe in Stoning women for adultery. 8 % of American Muslims believe in honor killings.
Even if 1% of Muslims believe in ISIS, that equates to 15 million Muslims who want YOU dead, and 8 of 10 equates to 1.2 billion who believe in stoning women for adultery.
The danger in Islam is not suicide bombers. It lies with the “Moderate” Muslims who believe in Islamic World rule under Sharia Law. You love to be the PC Czar, but you have “Head in the Sand” syndrome. This problem will never go away, by playing nice with Muslims. Their religion is diametrically opposed to our Constitution. They do not assimilate, they conquer. Stupidity will be our ultimate demise, since only the stupid will not see that Extremism is not limited to suicide attacks, but is an infestation throughout Islam, as evident in their support for Sharia Law.
But, go ahead and call me a bigot. I know it is coming. But, sugar coating the truth may make you feel better, yet will not protect us against Sharia. Your thinking on this subject is why we have a half million Muslims in this country who believe in honor killings. No, they all won’t strap on a vest and blow us up, but they do want you Subject to their religious caliphate and Sharia Law.


Try reading what I said, a bit more carefully. ISIS claims the West seeks Islam’s destruction. Trump rhetoric helps them make that case. Trump’s rhetoric helps them recruit more folks like in San Bernadino. Trump is making us less safe everytime he opens his bigoted mouth.


Utter BS, Jazzhead. Those two in San Bernadino were radicalized LONG before Trump came on the political scene. You are the bigot here. Your hatred of Trump is so pervasive that you can’t see the forest for the trees–if you’ll please pardon the mixed metaphor.


I said that more terrorists will be recruited based on Trump’s bigoted rhetoric. (Reading comprehension just isn’t your strong suit, eh?)

And just why am I a bigot? Because I despise Trump and believe he’s a dangerous demogogue? Then I’ll wear the label with pride. I want the man GONE, by any means necessary.


Oh well. So Sorry. Deal with it.
The more you and Skeptic rail against him, the more inclined I become to vote for him. It is truly funny how you insulted 2cent calling her “self hating”, and then lose you mind whenever Trump says anything, less than PC.
Holy Cow.


You’re not a Republican. I could care less what you think.


Oooooh, that cut me to the core. NOT.
Address the insult, Jazzhead. You are always going on and on about insulting people of color, or religion, or nationality, and then sit here and insult a fine conservative woman. What a bully.
Dissing me does not bother me one bit. In fact, when ever you do insult me, I consider it a badge of honor, but you had no call to insult 2 cent, that way.
So, you observe no limits to your bigotry. Anyone who disagrees with you, is subject to your bullying and prejudice. Got it.


[QUOTE=Jazzhead (C&P from quote)]You’re not a Republican. I could care less what you think.[/QUOTE]
The fact that you keep arguing with him gives the lie to that statement.


Rand Paul is child, that is why he embraces the foreign policy ideas that will get us destroyed if we ever are stupid enough to fully embrace them.

Rand Paul “Talks about the deficit” like a child as well, just like his dad did. They both harp incessantly about the deficit while packing pork for their constituents into every bill they can, they both refuse to offer anything specific regarding how they would reduce the debt because they both know it cannot be done by eliminating the stuff that Americans would support without a compelling argument, they both have failed to form any substantive support in Congress to give their ideas some clout, they are both “Hawks when convenient” and condemners of our military actions as soon as the mood changes.

Neither is a leader and both embrace destructive ideas.

Trump embraces legitimate and defensible ideas for National Security, Trump wants to reduce the debt problem by growing the economy and using attrition to streamline bureaucracy, Trump has formed many coalitions that aligned under his leadership and ideas, Trump supports our military when they are in harms way, Trump understands that you DEFEAT your enemies as opposed to trying to placate them.

Trump will not get my Grandkids school blown up, Paul would.

Trump is not “getting a pass”, he is getting praised for not cowering before the Extreme Left that cares more about foreign terrorists than protecting our own citizens, he is getting praised for not cowering before the wholly corrupt GOP leadership, he is getting praised for recognizing the REAL PROBLEMS instead of perpetuating religious extremism like man made global warming.

Trump is a Protectionist and that is not a good economic policy, but it will work no worse than the crony crap we are doing now as our leaders condemn our own economy by making the United States the least attractive Nation on earth to establish a business in.

Trump will deal a significant blow to the GOP who are the ones preventing a genuine alternative to Extremist Statism from forming, Paul would strengthen the GOP because his ideas are so destructive they would make the Establishment GOP look like a good alternative.


That was kind of you, and I thank you, Tiny, but the truth of it is that the insult hurt so bad I had to go look it up 'cuz all I could remember was laughing at it.


I would suggest that the record of intervention and meddling in the Middle East and South America has been resoundingly destructive. How much failure and lying can you put up with before admitting that we should mind our own business? Supporting dictators is foolish. Overthrowing dictators is foolish. Supporting democracy is foolish. Overthrowing democracy is foolish.

Supporting a defensive foreign policy is not isolationist, it is common sense and what the Founding Fathers envisioned. I agree more with Rand than Ron in terms of what the legitimate threats to national security are, but that is a practical rather than philosophical difference.