Honest question: What is the worst that could be on HRC's servers?


I am asking a serious question here, I am not downplaying the issue but more considering the range of issues. There is the political and the legal. Some which if the information were immediately released would have a vastly different impact.

So, very worse I assume would be evidence of foreign interference in U.S government affairs. Possibly names of U.S operatives, details of ongoing campaigns or operations. Or, could the worst be details of corruption involving her Foundation?

It seems most pundits believe that her email server issues is already “priced in” with voters. However, this is obviously dependant on the facts behind the emails, the devil is in the details. Surely even her most staunch supporters couldn’t continue to support her if she was involved in treason or selling secrets for example, could they? If it were simply conversations, or minutes of a meeting for example it might be different. Obviously intent would be a major factor here as well.

Regardless, this recent act by Comey is going to push this debate well into the first term if she wins. Him doing so seems extremely calculated, he would have had to have thought about this decision for some time, it would appear that he wants to make sure that if she wins that the investigation HAS to go forward, no clemency or leeway can be granted by anyone. If he went about this quietly, the kibosh could be put on further exploration by numerous sources.


What is the worst that could be on HRC’s servers?
That depends on how you look at it. Corruption doesn’t seem to bother democrats & neither does the loss of security. As for me the worst would be if she talked about stuff that later cost lives like the mission at Bengazi (or however you spell it). Security details about that (how many guards, etc) may have set those people up.
Surely even her most staunch supporters couldn’t continue to support her if she was involved in treason or selling secrets for example, could they?
I doubt that they will find something like that. She sells favors & makes good money doing that. Why go further? As for her supporters…well they are still supporting her.
Obviously intent would be a major factor here as well.
I disagree with the “intent” argument. She received a 2 hour briefing about security & knew the requirements. She didn’t follow them because “she didn’t want others to be able to read her emails” (that statement was in one of her emails). To me that IS intent. But understand that you don’t need to have an “intent” to be prosecuted for most crimes & certainly not this one. She is guilty, period.
As for how democrats feel about her, her standing in the polls shows that. The end justifies the means. They want her in the white house & don’t care what she has done. The fact that half of America would vote for her tells us how far American standards have fallen & what kind of shape our country is in.


Some reasonable points Tex. I realize she wouldn’t be involved in the mist serious of breaches, it was an example of “worst case” scenario.

Now it’s reported by Fox News that Abedin is claiming she doesn’t know how the emails got on her laptop. This fiasco of lies from her close associates further harms their credibility. Abedin must realize that she faces real consequences if she has classified information, and/or shared such information. Apparently HRC camp suggesting she cuts ties with her, Abedin was on the plane with her last night, as they landed she was whisked off elsewhere, currently working out of Brooklyn office rather than flying with her team.

In all of the craziness in this election, this final FBI investigation may leave the most lasting impression.


**Now it’s reported by Fox News that Abedin is claiming she doesn’t know how the emails got on her laptop. **
And Clinton said that she didn’t have any classified emails on her server. If she admitted it then she is admitting to guilt. Just more of the same old, same old of never admitting to anything even after it’s proven. Hell, even when it doesn’t make sense you don’t admit the truth. If sworn in I doubt that either Abedin or Hillary would admit what their birth day is. Not PC anymore but put both of them in a room with someone with a rubber hose for 14 hours & find out the REAL truth about this & other things. What will probably happen is Abedin will be offered immunity & once granted she will say NOTHING. You eliminate the ring around Hillary & then nobody can say first hand what happened, only what they heard happened. Just more cover-up.


“Surely even her most staunch supporters couldn’t continue to support her if she was involved in treason or selling secrets for example, could they?”

They can, they will, they do!

Let me say this: There is no level of corruption that Klintons will not go to to feed their lust for power and money. The Foundation formed in 2001 has raised almost $2 BILLION LARGE, as its totally private that makes their worth the same as the foundations which is a non-profit 501©(3) tax-exempt organization!

These people are some of the most corrupt people in the world. Only a few heads of drug cartels can even approach the money they are scamming the world for.

That said, look at Bill and Hillary, both are physically ill people that I would bet $ they are taking a lot of drugs to keep propped up, go to sleep at night and wake up in the morn.

My fathers brother set up what has become a dynasty in another state. My dad never liked him and would not support him in his efforts. By the very early 60’s they were already worth millions and very powerful people you did not cross. Then they stepped into poltics, taking the Governorship, US Senate and a lot of state position handed out to friends and family.

When their mother my grandmother died, he showed up sans family, in a black limo, sat down in the back of the church, left when it was over, never contributed a single dime to his parents from the time he left home till the time they died and almost never visited that dad knew of.

I have seen that lust for power and money and how it eats and destroys, the Klintons make my family corruption look like play school and ohhh yes they are tight with the Klintons as they both share the same political views.


From the article"

> Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin reportedly has said she does not know how tens of thousands of emails related to the FBI investigation of her boss’ personal server were found on a laptop she shared with her now-estranged husband, former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.
> The Washington Post reported that Abedin was not a regular user of the laptop in question. The paper also reported that Abedin’s lawyers did not bother to search the device for work-related emails after she agreed to turn over such messages to the State Department.
> On Saturday, a senior law enforcement official told Fox News that the laptop contained “five digits,” or at least 10,000, emails of interest to investigators.

This so lamely non-credible! We’re supposed to believe The SHREW or one of her minions would cc or Forward State Department business emails to a computer Abedin didn’t use? Or to a washed up (or former) first- (and only-) term Congress-critter? Or they magically appeared on her laptop with a sprinkle of cyber-magical pixie dust? If she has to try this line before Congress or in court she’s going to hear a lot of laughter.


Well Pete, if Abedin knowlingly lied to the FBI, she is facing some serious heat and I imagine her immunity deal becomes null and void if this is the case. Potential jailtime is at risk here. Then there will be the very vital questions, why maintain this laptop with classified information? Again, I will reiterate my trust in the FBI, I am well read on the issue of the FBI and U.S intelligence agencies in general. The FBI definitely in my opinion have the most prestine record, certainly over the last 40 years or so.

I saw on CNN earlier, Mr. Podesta (spelling) when asked by Jake Tapper if Abedin was still working closely on the Clinton campaign and he didn’t blink an eye in stating that she is still an integral part of the election, still maintaining close ties. This would seem to me to be a poor decision with all of this hanging over her.

This much I am sure, no way on Gods green earth does Comey come out with this if there isn’t something very serious at hand. Comey has staked the FBI’s reputation on this, so they will either be heroes or villains in the end. Forget partisan politics, this is about National Security.


her immunity deal becomes null and void if this is the case.
It should, ok I agree with that but will it? Not a chance in the world because then it might come down to either her or Hillary. People have been known to save themselves when that’s the case so Hillary’s full power will be used to stop that from happening.


That’s a scary possibility, but I don’t think this issue could go away that easily.

The FBI are possibly the best police agency in the world, that’s not hyperbole. As an example, in the last five years alone, the FBI advised Canada that we had a Navy Seal Intelligence Spy who had the highest level of Top Secret access who was working for Russia, they were right and noone in Canada had a clue… They advised Canada of a radicalised terrorist who was en route to blowing himself up at a mall in London, Ontario, luckily the information allowed Canadian authorities to stop him. The FBI walked away from the joint investigation into two unstable people in B.C because they suspected it wasn’t a legitimate investigation, turns out they were right, the Canadian courts threw the case out as being a clear example of entrapment. These are just a few examples, I follow this type of news closely in Canada as I believe it is my duty to be better informed on these issues. In regards to the FBI, you and I could have a lengthy discussion of historical cases, even those in which the FBI were criticised.

So, this being said, above and beyond what we all know about the FBI; there is no way they allow this to go without punishment if warranted. It’s just not in their culture, not in their DNA. This is why as I read all reports about this from all sides, objective and clearly subjective, it’s clear this wasn’t a mistake by Comey. Whether to ensure this will not or cannot go away or otherwise. Just the act of lying to the FBI is a crime, we know this. Then there is the obvious follow up as to WHY someone would lie.

There have been plenty of theories about this recent directive, from the FBI agents who were investigating this looking to “go rogue” based on what they knew and this forcing Comeys hand, to there being strong push back from the AG’s office, both in July and now which handcuffed him. Ultimately, no one of us can say at this point, only time will tell and provide the facts to fill in the blanks. What I believe to be true, is that incident can no longer come to a conclusion without consequences. Either for Comey, those being investigated, or those either running for political office or those who might even win office. Especially if the GOP keep the House.


Whatever one’s opinion of the FBI, there is another agency, and it’s head, that rises above the FBI and may very well nip this thing in the bud: the DOJ and Loretta Lynch. She is Comey’s boss, and even though he has recently defied her (according to the latest reports, anyway), she could easily fire his butt. Another “Saturday Night Massacre”? (For those too young to recognize that, google it.)

Would she do that? Of course there would be the risk of something like that just being too much to swallow, but we have all seen how much Hitlery supporters will “swallow”: ANYTHING!!!

She could get away with it. Who knows?


Sure she could, but it would be a horrendous move, especially pre election. After the election, I suppose, but she still runs the risk of the GOP House.

I believe that government has a role to oversee, advise and yes, even add their influence, especially in regards to right violations and general abuses. It cannot play the role of interfering in legitimate investigations, especially when they involve National Security and key decision makers and government authorities.

To be honest, I am not rooting for the FBI to find anything too harmful, because to me the security of the U.S and more broadly the West is dependent on a high level of protected information. Of course, if the contrary is true, it cannot go unpunished. Trying to fire him for doing the job he took an oath to undertake would be very bad for American democracy and its security. He was in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Better to err on the side of caution.



Comey may indeed have her over a barrel. That may be why he defied her. IOW, he was saying, “C’mon, I dare you to try something”.

I imagine she is huddling with Obama right now trying to figure out what to do.

Of course, he couldn’t care less about her (and he’s probably thinking, “Let Hillery deal with any blow back . . . I’ll be gone”), so he’s probably telling her to fire his butt.


The level of corruption in our govt rivals any gang in the world. Lynch makes Janet Reno look good. It was Reno who declared the war in Waco…

If Hitlery gets in office you better be AFRAID of your govt, there is nothing it won’t do to crush you…