Hooters Girls - NO! Homosexuals - YES!


Hooters sponsorship of Cub Scouts camp irks parents


**DENVER **- Parents in Denver are complaining after finding out their children attended a Cub Scout camp that was sponsored by Hooters.
KMGH-TV reports Michelle Kettleborough picked up her 7-year-old son from the Frontier District Day Camp and found him surrounded by people wearing Hooters visors.
But parents say it isn’t the attire that irritates them - the women were wearing shorts and fitted T-shirts - but that Hooters doesn’t fit the philosophy of the Scouts.
The Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council says the restaurant chain, known for its scantily clad waitresses and sports-bar atmosphere, approached the organization about working with the scouts.
Hooters Colorado had posted photos of boys holding their craft projects and posing with employees but has since removed the images.

Hooters sponsorship of Cub Scouts camp irks parents - CBS News


A few years back there were stories of men who wanted to sue Hooters for discrimination. Personally I have never been in a Hooters but the fact that establishments can not have certain values such as the old men’s club or the YMCA disturbs me.

These organizations like the boy scouts, cub scouts, girl scouts have seen people brought in to teach that gay sex is okay and abortion is fine and having gays alone with impressionable youths is the future. Unless these women were parading around with little on in front of the kiddies I see no problem.


I heard a BSA spokesman - whoops, spokesperson, explain that the girls were actually highly trained volunteers who just happened to select the wrong uniforms to wear.

No sh*t, I’m not kidding. I can only assume the BSA representative consulted Bill Clinton on how to spin this Kleuster Fleuken.



I saw the pics: T shirts, with long sleeve jackets, jean shorts, not very short by anyones standards. Its the world we live in today. When I was 12 my daddy gave me a copy of Playboy, later on he asked me if I liked it…YEA!!!

This is the result of giving minorities special rights and “protected class status”. The GBLTQ can FORCE itself on children, members of the opposite of sex when ever, where ever and if you try to even just say ‘not interested in your business’ the the govt puts you out of business, shuts you down, bankrupts you.

How long before some race minority and who is gay has his way with a 10 year old white boy. The Federal court has already ruled that Transgenders rights over rule my religious rights, which negates our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.


Homosexuality and mental illness seems to be correlated. Not causated; but correlated. Homosexuals often are unbalanced - witness Bawney Fwank or the boyos parading their junk, uninvited, in St’ Patrick’s Day parades. Witness the Folsom Street Festival.

Witness the gruesome crimes that homosexuals tend to inflict on their playmates - or strangers they got involved in their games. Those aren’t the acts of a normal person - far fewer hetrosexuals, even who engage in sexual aberrations, become so violent or so promiscuous.

Now we have two percent of the population, who for some reason are economically successful far and away more than average…who have given heavily to the alien in the White House and his political party…and demand he re-engineer society in a way that pleases THEM, the deranged sodomites.

I can make sense of them and what they want - they’re sick in the head. What I cannot understand is how EAGER the African is to abide their wishes; and why those around the African haven’t told him he’s gone too far.

And why the weak RINOs in Congress haven’t figured out that until they stop this, the madness and lawlessness will just continue to accelerate.


The Afro has been strongly influenced at the least by older men in his life that were gay and that of course begs the question…is he also. I will the reader make the call.

I will say, older gay men who befriend younger men have an agenda!


Hooters girls & cub scouts, cell phones, electric toys, electric scooters, damn…I was born way too early & I missed everything!!! (wink).
I was just thinking…What if I showed up at a Hooters in a cub scout uniform? Might be worth a try.


Now there is this:


This Hooters-Style Restaurant With Scantily-Clad Waiters Is About To Make Dreams Come True

And yes, they are.


I was thinking about this topic some. I find it “interesting” how women tend to judge other women’s career choices harshly & my guess is that it’s mostly the mothers that protested. I noticed the same type thing happening many years ago during the leading edge of the “women’s rights” movement. Older posters might remember how women were looked down on because they were Playboy Bunnies. (Wow how degrading being sex objects for a bunch of men!). What was her name? Gloria Steinham or something like that (maybe) said something about they should have respectable jobs like office workers. I also remember that at that time those bunnies were earning something like 3 times the salary of office workers. I’ve always felt that just about any job that a person does that puts food on the table for their family is an honorable job. Just my thoughts.


I can’t agree. The bottom line really isn’t.


I guess that it’s all how we look at it. I view a Hooters girl as a very well paid waitress. Maybe I see a little more of their cleavage & more legs than other waitresses but I would see a heck of a lot more of both at any beach. Heck for that matter I see just as much if not more walking around the town where I live on a 100 degree day or for that matter in my front yard when the local college girls distance track team goes by before track season. I guess that it’s more the “idea” that they are sex objects more than what they actually “show”.


Just got back from my walk. As I walked I thought about this subject & something came to me. I think that it’s interesting that there is a stigma attached to being a Hooters girl compared to a regular waitress. But I don’t hear (or see) the same stigma attached to a Victoria Secret model, yet they show a heck of a lot more skin. I guess that a few extra zero’s on the end of a number must make all the difference.


Prostitution and drug dealing are not “honorable jobs.” Porn actors, producers are not “honorable jobs.” Being a slaver is not an “honorable job.” Hiring out as an ISIS executioner is not an “honorable job.” There are quite a number of ways to “put food on the table for their family” that are DIShonorable…at least to any morally upright person.


I’ve been stationed places where prostitution was not only legal but…yes…looked at as an occupation like almost anything else by most people. Yes there is a moral stigma attached to it by a lot of people & yes it’s easy to say that the person could have found other work. But when it comes right down to it a lot of that work may not pay the bills depending on the cost of living where you live. I’m fairly open minded about it maybe because I’ve traveled all over. Funny thinking about it…I know someone right now (lives 3 miles from me) that could not possibly hold a job (& hasn’t in the past) but has been married 5 times. So basically she has been supported her whole life by men yet she would be ranked above an honest prostitute. I just don’t get that.
As for drug dealers I don’t think they should be arrested. Just shoot them where they stand.


I’ve been stationed in similar places myself, Tex. I spent two tours in Vietnam and a 2-year tour in South Korea. Additionally, I’ve visited Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila, Sydney, Taipei, Calcutta, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, most of the island of Honshu in Japan and Guam. So you can see that I’m no naïf when it comes to places where prostitution is, at worst, winked at. Even so, that doesn’t make it in the slightest “moral.”


Pappadave I see what your saying. It’s just that I don’t feel that I have the right to judge other peoples morals (nor do I feel the government should get into the moral issues). Don’t get me wrong here in that I totally believe that without religion as our guide our country wouldn’t be as great as it is. It’s just that what’s right or wrong or moral or immoral tends to depend on where your at & how you were raised. I except that my morals may not agree with your morals. My wife & I both more or less feel the same way. Oddly enough I might have been influenced by the fact that I grew up next to a church as did my wife (who’s father built the local church for free).


It’s probably redundant to say this, but officially sanctioned doesn’t mean honorable. In the case of prostitution, the moral problem by and large isn’t the girls; it’s the pimps and the johns. Prostitution wouldn’t exist in an honorable society; which speaks ill of ours.


I don’t mind the Hooters type eateries. They are clothed. I see people walking around the mall wearing less.

Having said that, I don’t partake in Hooters. I hate the food. Hate it. H A T E it. Even getting a beer there has given me diarrhea.
In Tampa, it was a regular destination for my team for lunchtime. I skipped those days. I liked Mugs and Jugs, but it was a little farther from base. There was another one too that wasn’t bad but I don’t recall the name of it…

Beef O Brady’s had similar style food, but much better quality. The one we went to, our regular waitress was a Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleader.
She started not serving our table when we had one dude with us. He creeped her out by telling her what her license plate number was, and all the places he’d seen her… Creepy stalker guy is not a good guy to bring if you want good service there.


Sounds more like the food hated you. There’s a Hooters not far from us, but we’ve never been there … lack of interest.


Same here, Pete. The nearest Hooters is over in Waco, a good 75 miles from the ranch. It could just as well be way out in El Paso because we have no need or interest to go there.