Hot new Democratic talking point: Trump is a fatty


Although they’re obviously trying to change the subject from Hillary’s health to his, there may be something more going on in these two clips. “Trump is chubby” might be their way of needling him to get a rise out of him, knowing that he’s enough of an alpha-male narcissist that digs at his weight will probably irritate him.

The democrats are trying to change the narrative by pointing out he is an old “fat” man while ignoring that Hillary is an old fat woman with heath problems who has NOT revealed her medical history in spite of the claims of the liar Reed. A man who pulled the same stuff on Romney and then crowed that he knew it was a lie but it did its purpose to smear the candidate.


Anything coming out of Reids mouth should be flushed down the crapper…


…including the words “and” and “the.”


Harry Reid is one of the worst government servants in Washington. He is a total liar who is second only to Hillary in that regard.

Do you remember the false story he spread about Romney’s taxes during the 2012 campaign? After it was proven to be untrue, he just laughed and said “Got Cha!” The man is far worse than useless.

If nothing else good comes out of this election cycle, watching him go into retirement will bring great pleasure to me.


Democrats, I still admire them. A political party that can sell “fluff” while republicans have a hard time giving away gold. If they wanted they could get liberals to go around greeting each other with Heil & that includes the Jewish ones. I am amazed with every new thing they try & get away with.
Maybe it’s a matter of fishing in the wrong pond. Maybe republicans need to try to appeal more to people that don’t have any common sense like the democrats.


Trump is a fatty. He could seriously use a diet.

He looks to be pushing 35% body fat, which is well beyond obese.


By all means, vote for the rapists wife.


Actually not. His doctors say that his BMI of 30 puts him in the “overweight” category…NOT “obese.” So what? One of Hillary’s legs outweighs my wife.


A BMI of 30 is the entry point for obese. It starts at 30. But BMI is useless. I said Bodyfat, and BMI can’t distinguish between muscle, fat, bone, water weight, etc. I’m 6’2" and according to BMI, I should be 25lbs heavier than an average height man, which is completely hilarious. That’s about double what the difference should be.

Trump is obese according to the US Navy’s definition, which is what I, and just about anyone concerned about fitness and health use as a metric. Anything over %25 body fat is obese. Trump is about 35% body fat. Trump is obese.

> The average American woman now weighs more than a man in the 1960s.
> In 2012, researchers compared BMI measurements to body fat percentage (using a DEXA scan, which is a FAR more accurate method to assess body fat percentage) among 1,400 people.4

> For women, about half of those who were not classified as obese according to BMI were considered obese according to body fat.

> Among men, one-quarter of those not identified as obese by BMI were found to be obese by body-fat measures. In all, nearly 40 percent of participants whose BMI classified them as overweight were actually obese when their percentage of body fat was taken into account.
So yeah, BMI says about %35 of people are obese, but actual body scans reveal the number is closer to 50%. About 90% of Americans are now overweight based on DEXA scans. As fat as people are believed to be, BMI is actually covering a lot. Americans are even fatter than that.
And yes, Hilary is fat too. But it’s considered socially unacceptable to say a woman is fat. Gross fat women are beautiful and plus sized and cuuuuurvy.

I believe in fat shaming both genders equally.


Trumpy is 6’2", I am same same, I weigh 200 lbs, not sure I could call Trump fat and speaking BMI, anyone got any idea what HildaBeasts must be, she cannot even HIDE the fat in her Chinese Army surplus uniforms she wears. I have seen less swelling after a double bite by a Diamondback Rattler.


Clinton looks to be around 185lbs to me. At 5’6", that would make her BMI 30. So exactly as fat as Trump.


after some googling here is how tall Hilda beast is: Somewhere between 5’2" and 5’7", her official height as provided by her staff/office gave her hight as 5’5" in 2008 when she was running against Obama.

Her weight: 108-138 lbs (and if you believe that)

I would say 185 is conservative, she is knocking hard on the 200 lb door. You have to look at her weight distribution. She is very heavy in the thighs and torso. so from knees to neck its put on fairly evenly, she does not seem to have the broad butt of some women. She is a body shape in the Oval - Diamond type: Waist is larger than the bust and hips. The shoulders are narrow compared to the hips. Breasts are small to medium in size and due to her height she picks up the heavier thighs. When she was young she was not very curvy, but good legs and good shape.

She may be knocking on the door if diabetes type 2…Mother and father both lived to 92/82 respectively and they died from stroke and heart problems respectively.

Her good news is they lived long, bad news the double whammy of death from stroke and from heart attack.

The symptoms we have seen are probably early signs of stroke rather than heart issues.

Then there is the STRESS factor and I suspect its high, VERY HIGH! There she has a double whammy in that emotionally she is a wreck, she is a pathological liar and this crates major stress in her life, her husband is involved with another woman openly and their marriage has been a total disaster. Look at the two of them and their lifestyle has taken a MAJOR toll on their health. I am older than Bill and he is a physical wreck and emotional wreck, albeit my guess is that his current open affair with a young very attractive woman is beneficial to him, certainly being married to HildaBeast is not and never has been been.


anyone got any idea what HildaBeasts must be, she cannot even HIDE the fat in her Chinese Army surplus uniforms she wears. I have seen less swelling after a double bite by a Diamondback Rattler.
Just to point out she might only weigh 100lbs. The rest of it could just be a build up of hot air. (wink).


I don’t care what she weighs. She could look like Ivanka and I’d STILL despise her.


Gasp! Democrats are hypocrites? This must have just started happening!:machinegu