House GOP reelection arm expands 2022 Democratic targets in wake of Youngkin Virginia victory

The party should have already booted her

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So I live in VA and I heard the cries of how the Dems were going to cheat and win the election.

Does that mean that Republicans cheated or is this the political version of heads I win tails you lose?

You realize that’s what authoritarians do in other, let’s say, less democratic nations, right?

I mean, seriously, how can you defend this tactic?

I’m pretty sure they’re going to stick to the stolen narrative what. I’m most surprised is that the narrative didn’t depress turnout like it did in Georgia in 2020. That means privately they are ackowledging Trump lost. It’s just hard to lose a b8tch like trump that was their ride to die candidate. Lots of them got his name tattooed on their chest next to their kids and ex wives just kidding relax folks its a joke. You guys were way to into him, and I can’t say it was mutual.

this is a right wing conspiracy

Republicans Have Better Odds Than Democrats to Win Control of House and Senate

B ookmakers currently have Republicans defeating Democrats to win control of Congress next year.

The Republican Party is the favorite to take majority control of the Senate following the 2022 midterms, with their odds of winning the chamber at 5/6 (54 percent), according to betting aggregator US-Bookies.

The GOP’s odds of capturing the House stand at 2/5, or 71.4 percent.

The Democratic Party’s odds of holding control of the Senate are 21/10, or roughly 32 percent. The party’s odds for keeping their majority in the House are slightly higher at 2/1, or 33 percent, according to the site

So far, it looks like you are right.

Bookmakers have no partisan agenda.

I am always right.

In fact, redistricting alone will give the House to the GOP.

Democrats are too dense to realize that their horrible polices have cause good people to flee California and other blue states, to a level that seats we actually re-allocated, and now the House tips to the GOP.

The next election will solidify the lead.

No, it means that a landslide of public opinion won the day. I don’t know who was predicting what, except that the leftist media have a habit of slanting predictions to the left. Thus, Trump won Hillary’s predicted victory, and Biden’s landslide wasn’t.

Correct. Parents do not like racist garbage being stuffed down their kids throats and they do not like being told to buy out of their kids educations, and the rest of the people were offended at what was done to the parents.

Here is the irony: MSNBC hacks and the Left are blaming racism. They are half-correct, their election was lost due to racism, but it was lost due to THEIR racism, their hate and their desire to indoctrinate children with racist hate (CRT). They are blind to THEIR racism which is the REAL racism, but they blab all day about fake racism that does not exist.

Do I need to say t again? Democrats are born liars, cheats and frauds.

We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying. – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Trump Train, errrr…“Gurl”, did you enjoy your time in Dallas on Tuesday? Sorry things didn’t pan out.

As far as you “always being right”, you were wrong about Trump, he lost…

What we now hear from Democrats is that they would have done better if they had passed their stupid “Build Back Better” before the election. How politically tone deaf can they get? The cost of living is hurting a lot of people, and their policy is to increase government spending radically, raise taxes and take more money out of the private sector, which dampens job growth. At the same time they insist in giving massive benefits to those who break the law and come here illegally.

The worse of the Democrats are doing all they can to encourage shop lifting and keep violent criminals on the streets. Yes, I am talking about the George Soros backed district attorneys.

The far left Democrats, dictate the party policies, have no interest in working with or compromising with those who don’t endorse their agenda. They just ram it through.

Anyway, we WILL take back the house, and then the white house, but will we do it in time before Biden totally destroys the economy.

Maybe by then we’ll learn Reagan isn’t dead and he can run!

They’re hyper charged the messaging has to be jobs jobs jobs. We created an economy that allows for wage negotiation.

You didn’t create jack diddly. Democrats destroy economies. Socialism destroys economies. You know, sometimes you post like a child. Seriously. You have the political mind of a child. Where do you get all this total nonsense you post. I have never seen a Leftist so far out in the twilight zone like you are. Even csbrown makes a little sense, even though he is all wrong.

I’m a 34 year old man who bought a home for 47k and pumped out 100k of sweat equity. I was a Semi-pro playing tennis for the Jayhawks. I’ve been involved in the Grand Rapids punk scene since 2005. I’ve traveled to New Mexico, Florida and Wisconsin. I spent 2 years of my youth (13-17 on and off) behind bars. I’ve rebuilt more personal watercrafts than you could ever have kids. I’m an Industrial Radiographer. You act like a petulant child your president acts the same way everyone one you don’t like or agree with is just Wrong Wrong Wrong.

TrumpTrain-Gurl has been here before. I guess he thought the “gurl” thing would throw us off. His hallmarks are like a fingerprint. He is an authoritarian whose method of belief is like any decent dictator, the truth is whatever you believe it is. Lying and deception are ok as long as they are in service to his cause.

Notice, at least up to this point he hasn’t even bother denying who he is?

His lunatic ravings don’t bother me, though it is funny that he thought he could fool all of us.

You keep saying that, but it looks like YOU are the one with three socks here. Like all people who play by the fascist Nazi playbook, you try to attack peoples characters because you cannot win an argument.