House GOP reelection arm expands 2022 Democratic targets in wake of Youngkin Virginia victory

See the hate and lies of the Marxist Left:

I hate even posting a link to this MSNBC propaganda filth, but look what they say: “Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon”

The Left is shoving CRT hate and racism into kids’ heads, and people of all colors got mad, and this is the sick filthy propaganda response from the fake news Left and the Queen of Racism Joy Reid, one of the most detestable slimy sick racist people on television, and no doubt a hero of csbrown

I hate 2008 me that thought Maddow was “Revolutionary”. College me was stupid. She’s a partisan hack. You are a partisan hack the same you’d have a lot in common just on opposite sides of being addicted to a partisan structure.

Very good. Every once on a while I think there is hope for you.

But then you go off the rail with something like this:

So so wrong. First of all, I am a conservative. I am beholden to no party.

Second of all, in the battle between Good and Evil, taking sides is okay, as long as you are taking them on the side of GOOD.

You keep defending evil things and you believe many false things. That is where you err.

Good so where do you disagree with Trump and the Current Gop Establishment. See I’m neither conservative nor liberal nor progressive I’m "Ideologically mixed’. I think they know I have strong feelings about Carter a man who spent his days outside of office building homes for the least among us. A man of faith and vision. He just wouldn’t see weapons to Iran like Ronnie Raygun would. I must say the people are Democratic Underground tolerate me alot more and are alot more polite when they disagree. My political compass is dead center. My “leaning” democratic party never amazes me in how far it will go to pander to sexual minorities and crap on Caucasians. I thought that AT&T news had to be a joke. Once American Solidarity Party takes hold I’ll run for office.

Well, Trump did not attempt to balance the budget. Hows that.

But that is nothing compared to the evil demonic policies of the Dems

[quote=“TrumpGurl, post:32, topic:79135”]
Well, Trump did not attempt to balance the budget. Hows that.
[/quote] T

Wow mega independent five stars original thinker true maverick super patriot. I wonder if there were people who thought stalin wasn’t far left enough lol.

He killed all opposition. Thats what you get with Marxism and Fascism

and water is wet.

So you are saying I am stating the obvious.
Guess what: I state the obvious in every one of my posts. The question is, why don’t you see that.

You try to link your opposition to actual Nazi’s and Communists, it simply doesn’t stick. Bernie may say he’s a “socialist”… Romney may say he’s a “Conservative”. Look at the bills they introduced. Bernies bills are Nordic W3T Dreams. Romney’s stuff is center right Problem Solvers Corporate picks of the year. Mittens " Now That’s What I call Caproate Agenda" Romney. Bernie “wanna be USSR edgelord” Sanders. Donnie “Greats Grifts of the 21st” Trump. I’m more aligned with Elizabeth “I’ve got 99 policy solutions” Warren. I bet you like Josh “Let’s try to go back to Mayberry” Hawley. I’d love to go back to Mayberry if it ever existed but the people of walmart are too fat and laced with fentanyl to try that.

It does to people who know the truth, which you do not at this time. So this is a circular argument with you. You don’t know the facts so my facts don’t stick with you.

Here is why I use the Nazi analogy:



I don’t have time but maybe later:
I want you to pick one policy, just one, that you think the conservatism is wrong about, and we will debate it. Thats right, I am going to give you some special attention

Take time, give it some thought, and choose ONE.

You mean batshart Qanoners?

Your lazy and stroking fire.

Deductionalism in politics prime example.

Hitler believed in private property. Killing Jews, and ugh Stalin was more of a 5 year plan command and control economy type. Both real asshats but different kinds.

Or you could call them lawful opposition which you strongly disagree with like the mod asked you to stop dropping the Nazi bomb and spamming the site. He’s gotta be a wreck dealing with you. He actually seems like a nice guy whom I disagree with. You are either pure nutjob or unsincere troll.

they proclaim family values and voted in a Guy who said Grab Em By the Kitty and Boinked Stormy Daniels while his wife was nursing. Who cursed more than I do on a regular day.

I withdraw my debate offer. You reverted to “child throwing food” status. What a shame, you just can’t act maturely.

cool… ok k thx bye. Btw are you female or male over 20 over 30 over 40? I mean Are you an American? Do you have kids? Do you know what poverty is like? College Educated? Emplpoyed. Out of your parents. I bought my first house at 26… still poor. My home sale was 54k in 2014 put 20k in materials alone building it back up. Was just valued at 175k sweat equity. I’m a father my first was born in 2018 my wife has gone through ferility treatment and 7 miscarriages I know what tough is like. I know what going to the church for food baskets is like. Fantasy chaser grew up poor. His mother used to post here.

You don’t even know what the word “policy” means. I told you to pick a policy and you just spew out stupidities.

Tax policy, foreign policy, domestic polict, etc… "Policy.

See, you are incapable of adult debate, which is propbably why you do not understand adult issues.

Again: I withdraw my debate offer. You reverted to “child throwing food” status. What a shame, you just can’t act maturely.

I tried to be nice, but an adult cannot be nice with your kind.

Is Moral Integrity a policy point?

You’re either a fat 400lb troll in their parents basement a leftist edgelord who gets off a getting a rise out of these folks. Either that or you are the most daft trust fund princess I ever seen my God this is why my mom who made six figures never gave us a dime If I talked like that I’d be laughed off the shop floor.

Back to the thread topic:

The House of Representatives Republican reelection committee is expanding its list of House Democrats it considers vulnerable in the 2022 midterm elections, when the GOP aims to win back the majority in the chamber.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on Wednesday expanded its 57-member offensive target list, adding 13 Democratic representatives, bringing the total to an ambitious 70 House Democrats it will target ahead of next year’s midterms.

The move by the NRCC comes hours after Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin narrowly defeated former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a state that now-President Biden carried by 10 points in last year’s election and where GOP candidates hadn’t won statewide in a dozen years. Virginia’s race is considered a bellwether ahead of next year’s elections, when Republicans need a net gain of just five seats in the 435-seat chamber to retake the House majority they lost in the 2018 midterms

The NRCC says their move also comes after “numerous public polls show the generic congressional ballot improving for Republicans.” The generic ballot, which asks whether a voter would support a generic Democrat or Republican candidate in their congressional district, is a closely watched question in the battle for control of the House.

“In a cycle like this, no Democrat is safe,” NRCC Chairman Rep. Tom Tom Emmer emphasized.

And he argued that “voters are rejecting Democrat policies that have caused massive price increases, opened our borders, and spurred a nationwide crime wave.”

The 13 House Democrats added to the NRCC’s list are Reps. Greg Stanton of Arizona (AZ-09), Ed Perlmutter of Colorado (CO-07), Joe Courtney of Colorado (CT-02), Darren Soto of Florida (FL-09), Sanford Bishop of Georgia (GA-02), Frank Mrvan of Indiana (IN-01), David Trone of Maryland (MD-06), G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina (NC-01), Annie Kuster of New Hampshire (NH-02), Teresa Leger-Fernandez of New Mexico (NM-03), Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania (PA-04), Jim Cooper of Tennessee (TN-05), and Jennifer Wexton of Virginia (VA-10).

The rival Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee quickly fired back on Wednesday morning.

“The NRCC is mistaken if they think they can easily emulate a campaign that skipped a messy GOP primary, had no political record to defend, and routinely kept President Trump at arm’s length,” DCCC spokesperson Chris Taylor told Fox News, as he pointed to Youngkin’s path to victory.

Taylor emphasized that “we have a year until the midterm elections, and on top of passing historic legislation that includes game-changing investments in our infrastructure and working families, Democrats are working to ensure battleground voters understand the grave danger that House Republicans and their extremism present to not only our families, but our democracy.”

By 1% I don’t live in Virginia. I actually like his Lt Gov. So it doesn’t really effect me. It doesn’t really matters who wins outside of Michigan because 100% of our policy is set at the state level. The Fed gives them money and they say where to spend it. My only hope is my senators act like Ted Stevens and bring Michigan that bacon. Right now nothing can get me down, Trump could be reappointed president tomorrow by the Supremes. My shop went union my wage nearly doubled. I’m good I’m set this has been an awesome month. The demand for labor let me negotiate collective what we were all worth. Labor and Environment are my 2 issues above all else. Anyway who are you what do you live like parents basement or mcmansion on a culdasack? You ever had hard times? You know what’s like to put in a hard days work and have a little girl tell you, that your a child. The only thing that ever mattered to me was the labor shortage it put upward pressure on wages I finally know what its like to have a nice steak on the back porch I’m good I could die tomorrow happy. Bidens got my vote for that alone. 5 big things for me 1. Faith and Family 2. Decent Meat & Meals 3. Good Health 4. Good Cheer 5. Motorsports & Metal (Atvs, Jet-Skis, Motorbikes, Pit Bikes) (Spotify Playlist on Lock).

My theme song (swears audible):