House GOP reelection arm expands 2022 Democratic targets in wake of Youngkin Virginia victory

You didn’t create jack diddly. Democrats destroy economies. Socialism destroys economies. You know, sometimes you post like a child. Seriously. You have the political mind of a child. Where do you get all this total nonsense you post. I have never seen a Leftist so far out in the twilight zone like you are. Even csbrown makes a little sense, even though he is all wrong.

I’m a 34 year old man who bought a home for 47k and pumped out 100k of sweat equity. I was a Semi-pro playing tennis for the Jayhawks. I’ve been involved in the Grand Rapids punk scene since 2005. I’ve traveled to New Mexico, Florida and Wisconsin. I spent 2 years of my youth (13-17 on and off) behind bars. I’ve rebuilt more personal watercrafts than you could ever have kids. I’m an Industrial Radiographer. You act like a petulant child your president acts the same way everyone one you don’t like or agree with is just Wrong Wrong Wrong.

TrumpTrain-Gurl has been here before. I guess he thought the “gurl” thing would throw us off. His hallmarks are like a fingerprint. He is an authoritarian whose method of belief is like any decent dictator, the truth is whatever you believe it is. Lying and deception are ok as long as they are in service to his cause.

Notice, at least up to this point he hasn’t even bother denying who he is?

His lunatic ravings don’t bother me, though it is funny that he thought he could fool all of us.

You keep saying that, but it looks like YOU are the one with three socks here. Like all people who play by the fascist Nazi playbook, you try to attack peoples characters because you cannot win an argument.

That’s extraordinarily rich coming from you. :sweat_smile:

Can you really say that with a straight face? (This is a rhetorical question btw)

The only people that I’ve ever know who could do that had fairly sever forms of social illness.

I tell the truth, something you are not capable of doing.

Really, so I was lying when I said you were probably right about upcoming elections? :thinking:

You do realize that you were wrong two times in a single sentence.

I both told the truth (in your eyes) just a dozen posts ago in this thread, a post I know you saw because you responded to it, which proves I can tell the truth.

Which means you lied.


See the hate and lies of the Marxist Left:

I hate even posting a link to this MSNBC propaganda filth, but look what they say: “Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon”

The Left is shoving CRT hate and racism into kids’ heads, and people of all colors got mad, and this is the sick filthy propaganda response from the fake news Left and the Queen of Racism Joy Reid, one of the most detestable slimy sick racist people on television, and no doubt a hero of csbrown

I hate 2008 me that thought Maddow was “Revolutionary”. College me was stupid. She’s a partisan hack. You are a partisan hack the same you’d have a lot in common just on opposite sides of being addicted to a partisan structure.

Very good. Every once on a while I think there is hope for you.

But then you go off the rail with something like this:

So so wrong. First of all, I am a conservative. I am beholden to no party.

Second of all, in the battle between Good and Evil, taking sides is okay, as long as you are taking them on the side of GOOD.

You keep defending evil things and you believe many false things. That is where you err.

Good so where do you disagree with Trump and the Current Gop Establishment. See I’m neither conservative nor liberal nor progressive I’m "Ideologically mixed’. I think they know I have strong feelings about Carter a man who spent his days outside of office building homes for the least among us. A man of faith and vision. He just wouldn’t see weapons to Iran like Ronnie Raygun would. I must say the people are Democratic Underground tolerate me alot more and are alot more polite when they disagree. My political compass is dead center. My “leaning” democratic party never amazes me in how far it will go to pander to sexual minorities and crap on Caucasians. I thought that AT&T news had to be a joke. Once American Solidarity Party takes hold I’ll run for office.

Well, Trump did not attempt to balance the budget. Hows that.

But that is nothing compared to the evil demonic policies of the Dems

[quote=“TrumpGurl, post:32, topic:79135”]
Well, Trump did not attempt to balance the budget. Hows that.
[/quote] T

Wow mega independent five stars original thinker true maverick super patriot. I wonder if there were people who thought stalin wasn’t far left enough lol.

He killed all opposition. Thats what you get with Marxism and Fascism

and water is wet.

So you are saying I am stating the obvious.
Guess what: I state the obvious in every one of my posts. The question is, why don’t you see that.

You try to link your opposition to actual Nazi’s and Communists, it simply doesn’t stick. Bernie may say he’s a “socialist”… Romney may say he’s a “Conservative”. Look at the bills they introduced. Bernies bills are Nordic W3T Dreams. Romney’s stuff is center right Problem Solvers Corporate picks of the year. Mittens " Now That’s What I call Caproate Agenda" Romney. Bernie “wanna be USSR edgelord” Sanders. Donnie “Greats Grifts of the 21st” Trump. I’m more aligned with Elizabeth “I’ve got 99 policy solutions” Warren. I bet you like Josh “Let’s try to go back to Mayberry” Hawley. I’d love to go back to Mayberry if it ever existed but the people of walmart are too fat and laced with fentanyl to try that.

It does to people who know the truth, which you do not at this time. So this is a circular argument with you. You don’t know the facts so my facts don’t stick with you.

Here is why I use the Nazi analogy:



I don’t have time but maybe later:
I want you to pick one policy, just one, that you think the conservatism is wrong about, and we will debate it. Thats right, I am going to give you some special attention

Take time, give it some thought, and choose ONE.

You mean batshart Qanoners?

Your lazy and stroking fire.

Deductionalism in politics prime example.

Hitler believed in private property. Killing Jews, and ugh Stalin was more of a 5 year plan command and control economy type. Both real asshats but different kinds.

Or you could call them lawful opposition which you strongly disagree with like the mod asked you to stop dropping the Nazi bomb and spamming the site. He’s gotta be a wreck dealing with you. He actually seems like a nice guy whom I disagree with. You are either pure nutjob or unsincere troll.

they proclaim family values and voted in a Guy who said Grab Em By the Kitty and Boinked Stormy Daniels while his wife was nursing. Who cursed more than I do on a regular day.

I withdraw my debate offer. You reverted to “child throwing food” status. What a shame, you just can’t act maturely.