House of Cards


For any of you that have Netflix, there’s an original series called House of Cards about a corrupt Democratic congressman on a bloody search for power. I’ve only watched the first two episodes, but it seems pretty good, starring Kevin Spacey. It’s loosely based on the British series.


I recall hearing about that, but I’ve never seen it. Spacey is a pretty good actor, probably pretty good show.


If The West Wing was about the ideal Democratic circlejerk, this is almost the complete opposite.


I’m five episodes in, and it’s been excellent. This is how I want to watch TV too. It should be the future of TV. My hat is off to Netflix. Didn’t like Netflix’s first outing. Can’t remember the name of it, but I didn’t get very far into it before I turned it off and watched “Star Trek.”


I love House of Cards!!! It is very close to knocking Breaking Bad off of my list for number one favorite show. It reminds me of Boss which was on starz for two seasons. However, this show has huge potential!!! Everyone in DC watches House of Cards, it’s like how Facebook was back when it was exclusive to Harvard. They’ve got to do a little bit more to make it better than Breaking Bad, maybe by Season 2, it will be, but it’s very well done and I enjoyed every minute of it.

BTW, they start filming season 2 in Spring, so I expect a summer or fall release.


I’m curious to see how this works out for Netflix. I’m really, really hoping it takes off. I’d love to see some more Showtime/HBO level programming coming to us this way. I can watch it any time I want – and mostly anywhere I want. The age we live in offers the tech to do this, and we’re just scratching the surface – mostly because the old guard won’t let go of the advantages of the old tech while allowing the customers the advantages of the new tech, and they use politicians to keep it that way. Fortunately, I think there’s growing pressure and demand for media like this, and old-fashioned economic demand will force their hands. I think it’d already be there if we had the copyright laws this country started with.