House passes CISPA in surprise vote


While it did not receive nearly as much attention as thedebate on gun control, the House of Representatives passed legislation withsignificant implications for individual liberty: the Cyber Intelligence Sharingand Protection Act (CISPA). CISPA proponents claim that the legislation isnecessary to protect Americans from foreign “cyber terrorists,” but the realeffect of this bill will be to further erode Americans’ online privacy.

Under CISPA, Internet corporations are authorized to handover the private information of American citizens to federal agents, as long asthey can justify the violation of your privacy in the name of protecting “cybersecurity”. Among the items that may beshared are your e-mails, browsing history, and online transactions.**

Like the PATRIOT Act, CISPA violates the fourth amendment byallowing federal agencies to obtain private information without first seeking awarrant from a federal judge. The law also allows federal agencies to pass yourinformation along to other federal bureaucrats — again without obtaining awarrant. And the bill provides private companies with immunity from lawsuitsregardless of the damage done to anyone whose personal information is sharedwith the government.

Sadly, I expect this week’s tragic attacks in Boston to beused to justify new restrictions on liberty. Within 48 hours of the attack inBoston, at least one Congressman was calling for increased use of surveillancecameras to expand the government’s ability to monitor our actions, whileanother Senator called for a federal law mandating background checks beforeAmericans can buy “explosive powder.”

I would not besurprised if the Transportation Security Administration uses this tragedy toclaim new authority to “screen” Americans before they can attend sporting orother public events. The Boston attack may also be used as anotherjustification for creating a National ID Card tied to a federal database with“biometric” information. The only thing that will stop them is if the Americanpeople rediscover the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin that you cannot achievesecurity by allowing government to take their liberties."

The bill passed 248 to 168 with 206 Republican traitors voted in favor. A draconian violation of the Fourth Amendment passed a Republican house with this much Republican support. This is a prime example of why I am NOT a Republican and why this fascist party is dead to me. It is why every time a Republican PAC calls me for a handout I will laugh and hang up. I will not give money to a PAC that is probably donating to Newt Gingrich’s alimony fund anyway.


Not a fan, this is that big government stuff that the Republicans are supposed to be fighting.


The updated bill H.R. 624 voted on 04-18-2013 was passed 288 to 127 with 196 Republicans voting Yea. Here is contact info for the senate.
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