House Votes to Ban Confederate Flag at National Cemeteries


House Speaker Paul Ryan tells hisRepublican party members they’d better get used to “taking tough votes,” suchas one to ban the Confederate flag at historic cemeteries controlled by thefederal government.
House Votes to Ban Confederate Flag at National Cemeteries - Breitbart

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Calibri]The difference between theRepublican party and Democrat party is…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!



Ryan will do whatever Obama tells him to do, up to and including helping the Left rewrite history.


I’m getting tired of all this talk about “banning” - and at the impetus of fringe agitators, against things that have endured for centuries.

I’m ready to ban the Federal Government - and declare former Washington officials as outlaws and crimanals against Freedom.

That of course cannot happen until the productive, traditionalist States…secede from this coalescing tyranny from Washingtoon.


I think we’re strong enough as a country to acknowledge that some very brave people fought on the Confederate side. The Civil War profoundly shaped this country, and by pretending the South didn’t exist just continues to mire us in divisive politics.

Liberals are so afraid of offending people, they don’t realize they’re keeping the “offense industry” alive and well. Or maybe they do realize it, because how else would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton maintain their relevance?


If I had been living during the Civil War, I would have most likely been on the Confederate side. All of my ancestors were.


They sure don’t mind ‘offending’ true conservatives!
(They are people too)


I’m just having a hard time accepting ALL of the “social” changes that have taken place under Obummer.