Housing discrimination

I know there’s probably not a lot of fans of John Oliver here, but the segment he did this week on the history and impacts of housing discrimination is worth watching. FYI, some profanity, but nothing too terrible, I wouldn’t watch it at work.

If you do watch it, let me know what you think. What resonates true to you? what does he get wrong?

I’ve never watched or listened to this man. Now I can see why. :laughing:

This entire piece exists for no other reason than to ruin race relations as far as I can tell. As well as banging on the concept of the nuclear family I guess. Do people actually watch this guy? No wonder the USA hates itself these days.

What is he trying to accomplish? Making white people feel guilty and black people angry? And the cherry on top is that he is a rich white guy; but I guess that makes it all okay. If he really cared, he’d give all of his money to a minority family who needs it more but I doubt he’ll do that.

“this country has come a long way but with god as my witness it will not go any further” Oh hell yeah John sing it. If this is what you enjoy watching in your spare time Gene, then I think the pieces may be falling in place.

The point of this may be totally different than what he happens to accomplish, but you can find well, lots, of instances where people of all nationalities got screwed or are currently getting screwed by the government. Is the USA perfect? No. We are living with the consequences of bad decisions just the same as every single other country on the face of the planet.

I totally dig the whole reparations for slavery thing but, outside of the south, barely anyone owned slaves. You may not know it, but in the civil war a whole lot more white people died than black people in order to end slavery. Black people didn’t just decide one day that they didn’t want to be slaves anymore; white people decided they didn’t want that anymore either.

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No, I’m definitely not a fan of John Oliver. I think he’s stupid.

He starts with the Bruce family that was threatened by the Democrat KKK with robes on and then had their property stolen by the same Democrat KKK members with their robes off (probably). Don’t know for sure the government was Democrat, but it’s fairly safe bet. That’s the problem.

Then he talks about the racial clauses in property contracts. I remember when someone found that Chief Justice Rehnquist had signed such an agreement. He said he wasn’t aware it was in the document and it was a shame, though all such clauses had been outlawed and made obsolete. And they are indeed shameful, but none of them are in effect. No doubt Republicans passed the law against them.

Yes, there has been wrongful discrimination against blacks in the past. It was bad, now it’s much better. In fact, it’s so good now that Democrats have to go to absurd extremes to pretend they’re a better deal for blacks than Republicans.

He condemns Nixon for saying he believed “… forced integration of the suburbs is not in the national interest.” Did you catch the key word? FORCED! Republicans don’t like anything to be forced. Make it all legal as it should be and let prople do what they want. Many whites want to remain in a white neighborhood, many blacks want to remain in black neighborhoods and many Hispanics want to remain in a Hispanic neighborhood. To each his own. Integration isn’t necessarily a panacea.

He’s selling racism as a solution. Reparations would be officially approved racism.

Democrats are the problem. If you want to solve the problem, vote out the culprits. You may recall that the last Republican president we had reduced black unemployment to a record low. That started to solve the problem before the invention of the pandemic destroyed it.

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If the entire world wants to get together and figure out some global reparations program for every group that ever took part in any kind of unfair racial practices against another group that’s fine with me.

Making the USA the soul perpetrator in any sort of racial injustice through out time and vilifying us for that is not fine with me. Lefties pretend to hate Christianity but the concept of original sin is always fresh in their minds.

Thank you both for watching it. The point I got from the video is that while these discriminatory practices aren’t in place now, they were in place way more recently than people give credit for. This has lasting implications for the current generation, and that is what ultimately needs to be addressed.

Never jived with the whole all man kind is cursed because of what Eve did thing. Perhaps we men can demand all women pay us money because she cursed us thousands of years ago? Shouldn’t we be able to demand reparations from women? And since all children need to pay up for what their forefathers did, there is evidently no statute of limitation.

Do you really feel that you owe money to every black person you see? For something that you had no control over and that happened over a 100 years ago? Because whether they enforce paying money to them or not, you personally are allowed to do this. And I would totally support you if you did this.

I wouldn’t do it with you, but I’d support you. Unfortunately, none of my forefathers lived in the USA during slavery times so I won’t be paying with you. But if you think this will make things better here than hell yeah.

See that’s the problem. The piece wasn’t about slavery or slavery reparations at all. Eve is still alive, and many of the discriminatory policies were in place until the 70s and 80s. It directly effected anyone 50+ and by extension their children, ie current day young adults

Hah! Interesting analogy. Though I’ve often wondered if Jews wouldn’t want to get into the act by suing for reparations from Egypt. And captured British soldiers and sailors were enslaved to build the Burmese railroad in WWII, so maybe they could demand reparations from Japan.

You do realize of course the lefties have repurposed and perverted the term “original sin”, right? Whereas the whole world changed when sin entered into the Garden of Eden, lefties use the term to mean slavery was present at our nation’s founding so it’s forever evil. The fact that Republicans freed the Democrats’ slaves and there haven’t been any slaves for many generations now is irrelevant in their minds.

I still dislike the fact that the word “gay” has been repurposed and perverted. No one uses it in its original clean meaning any more. So I wonder if people will stop using “original sin” in its original theological meaning.


Don’t really want to make a new thread for it, but this one is dead anyway so I’ll hijack it. John Oliver did a nice piece this week on Afghanistan.

Maybe you could tell us his point in your own words. I do not click on such links because of viruses.

You are far brighter than I am as a conservative. As a liberal, you are far smarter and more knowledgeable than I am. And if you if have not spotted my sarcasm, I am pointing it out to you now. I know that your little professors have told you differently.

When I was in college, there were professors who had different points of views, including those in the arts and science department. I know it’s different now.

If you want to make a point, make it yourself.

Sorry Gene. The last time I watched a John Oliver video you posted I threw up until I dry heaved and had explosive diarrhea for a week. In my own personal interest, I can’t watch a video of that man doing or saying anything ever again. I would rather be forced to watch (censored) (censored) (censored) (censored) than ever even hear that guy’s voice again. The fact that he merely exists is proof positive that there is no god.

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  • The objective of nation building was made soon after invading. Even if taking out al Qaeda was our initial goal, nation building was something even Biden was arguing for at the time.

  • The task of that nation building has been unclear and conceptually confused by even the highest ranking members of that effort. Including the Czars in every administration.

  • The last three administrations all mislead on how well that effort was going.

  • Biden is an idiot for making a zero with his hands to emphasize “I have zero liability”.

  • We have an obligation to get everyone out, including the Afghans we’ve left helpless in the face of the Taliban.

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Yeah but, hahahahaha. The last 3 administrations managed to hold it together somewhat.

Someone on twitter said that zero americans have died in our afghanistan evacuation. sigh And then you even have idiots here on this site making excuses and saying stuff like “billions of dollars worth of military equipment gone isn’t THAT big of a deal.”

I’m just shaking my head thanking GOD this didn’t happen under Trump. … (because it wouldn’t have happened under Trump)

Read as: “do nothing but maintain the status quo”

Bush not included***

Well we’ll never know since he broke his campaign promise to quickly end the war and get us out.

Yeah at this point I’m pretty glad he broke his promise. Howabout Biden’s promise to cancel student debt how’s that going?

Believe me, I know. That fight with the Biden administration is ongoing, but my hopes are not high.

We spent over 300 million dollars to educate the Afghan military to a 3rd grade level, and it failed.
This started under Bush, and never improved.

We were losing ground to the Taliban, since Bush.

Each administration lied about the fight, lied about the capability of the Afghan military we built, lied about how well we were rebuilding the country.

The Taliban had massive support in the South of the country, as no one there trusted the Northern-centric Government we installed.

It really wasn’t a question of if Afghanistan was going to collapse after we left, but when.

@Gene, the Democrats know they have your vote in their hip pocket. The illegal aliens, transsexuals, homosexuals and people of color, in that order are all ahead of you. Maybe Biden will revise the bankruptcy laws, while let you walk away from you debts with limited penalties.

It’s hard for the people who were honest and paid their debts to watch others walk. Keeping you word and honesty make you into “a sucker” so far as the Democrats are concerned.

I’ve almost paid off all my college debts, it won’t help me personally that much. But hey, it has sucked and I could have saved, maybe bought a house or started a company with that money instead. Therefore, I still hope future generations won’t have to go through it.

But it happens because students can’t declare bankruptcy, and loans are highly subsidized.

It’d be better if we reversed those policies.

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