Housing discrimination

But, like I said, the Democrats think they can do anything they want. For example, the head of the Health Department orders an extension of the rent moratorium. Even Biden says it might be illegal, but it goes forward anyway. The.courts have ruled against it, but the day is coming when the Democrats will move to pack the courts and knock down anything that stands in their way.

The news media is almost all for the Democrats. The bureaucracy has more power than Congress in many ways. The FBI has been used as a political tool. Nancy Pelosi is opening new branches of the Capital Police in California and Florida. What’s that about? Biden trashes as many immigration laws as he can, despite the Covid crisis. He doesn’t care.

Open your eyes? A dictatorship is coming if we don’t do all we can to oppose it.

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The problem with subsidies is that the subsidizer (Big Brother) can potentially dictate exactly what schools and courses of study a student may pursue based on their plan for the country. Womb to the tomb, baby.

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You are lucky! I still owe abut $35,000. Never going to pay that off.

That’s because now they can