Houston 'Anti-Muslim' Christmas Day Arson Was Set By Mosque Attendee ...


Houston ‘Anti-Muslim’ Christmas Day Arson Was Set By Mosque Attendee … Just Like Last Year

DECEMBER 31, 2015

A Christmas Day fire at a storefront mosque in Houston that Muslim organizations were quick to blame on “anti-Muslim sentiment” was actually set by a regular attendee of the mosque, Gary Nathaniel Moore. He was arrested by authorities yesterday.

Amazingly, I reported here at PJ Media last year that the 2014 Christmas Day mosque arson attack in Fresno, CA, also turned out to have been committed by a long-time attendee.

What in the world is going on with this kind of stuff? False-flag provocations? Pretty inept for such a pre-planned act! Personal vendetta? Not very well aimed. A fruitcake? Some Muslim groups are definitely seeking to convert the disaffected by affirming their socio-cultural grievances.

At this point, one thing is certain. When activists lash out in haste in the aftermath of incidents like this, they are definitely trying to capitalize on on such incidents and create a public impression before inconvenient facts can come out.


Perhaps he was just a peace loving Moslem who was radicalized by domestic Christian extremists or Trump supporters. I am sure that there are investigative “journalists” out there looking for any evidence that he ever attended a Tea Party rally.