How Annie Lobert Turned Away From Sex Trade to Serving God


[LEFT]Annie Lobert worked for 16 years in the sex industry, battled cancer and got into drugs. But when she called out to Jesus from death’s door, she found her Savior and the vision to comfort thousands of other victims of sex trade. She shares how she became “a virgin in Christ” in a new video on

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Annie Lobert - I Am Second[/LEFT]


I’m glad for her, although I found myself wanting to empty a shotgun into that pimp she was coerced by.


It would be more fun to turn the tables, break HIS nose, and kick the detritus out of him, while extorting his pimp wages.


You are soft…

Life in prison w/o parole, NO cell assignment, just a cell block, pink prison suit, pants with a back flap, toothbrush and tube of KY


I believe in punishment that FITS the crime. Notice, I said, “more fun”. You see, 17Oaks, I was staying at the Heartbreak Hotel, 40 years ago. Was there nearly 2 years. In there, a pimp is almost hero worshiped. He’d likely know a great deal of people in there. Some, would probably “owe” him a favor or two. Home away from home.
My way, he’d have a lifetime memory from me. The damage I can do, is usually permanent. I am Tiny, the same as an M1A1 is tiny.


One of our “missions” books last year dealt with human trafficking. It followed the life of one girl who was sold by her uncle (in Mexico, I believe), to where she was a part of a group of prostitutes who made enough money to suit their pimps, or were punished severely. One girl got to the point where she didn’t care if she was punished or not, so they deliberately hooked her on cocaine in order to be able to control her. I can’t remember the details, but she was murdered later, and the pimp was caught as he attempted to dispose of her body. But without witnesses, they couldn’t do very much against him. This girl was persuaded to come forward. There’s a lot more to it than that; there were a couple of men who knew what was going on and were seeking for a way to stop at least this little piece of this traffic. This was not fiction.

Edit: the girls were eventually brought to the US, I think Arizona, where this particular ring was broken up.